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Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Party: [Zorua] [Shiro] [Jette]
Currently: Route 2
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

"Dang it Shiro, don't run away from the group just like that!" Hiiro replied, as he came crashing in.

There was a trainer standing nearby, who looked like she was about to capture Shiro, probably mistaking it for a Wild Pokemon. Hiiro quickly wiped dust off his clothes and walked towards the Trainer. Zorua was following Hiiro by his side, while Jette was partly in mid air. Shiro fell back, probably shocked.

"You can't capture that Pokemon. He belongs to me." Hiiro said...

Official's Post Event

You come appon your injured pokemon. The little cat type stumbles over to you and falls down. As you look you notice a trainer emerges from the bushes. She had been hidden there rather well. Your first instinct was to protect your pokemon, then to figure out what had happened. Had this trainer come looking for trouble ? As she approached you kept your guard up.


Stacy looked at you curiously. She put back the pokeball.
"Trainer whys this here Meowth running around like a wild pokemon? Dont you know how to train your pokemon ?" Stacy signals Raticate to move forward. "what if I were to say that I wanted your talking Meowth? what would you do to stop me?"

Stacy sends in

Stacy seems like someone who is familiar with battling, you better be careful with your next move..If a battle is what you seek you are going to be outclassed so battle smart!

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