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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Entering Route 3 from Navi Town

Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Making progress

"People say they see strange things around here, eh? Well, let's see what we wind up seeing."
Anthony made his way along the route, the wind no longer posing a threat to him.

Official's Post Event

Anthony walked onto Route 3. His first steps onto the new Route felt like an accomplishment. The new path offered up a chance for new experiences. Anothy raced out to face those challenges head on. While he was in Navi Town the weather had changed dramatically. It was now sunny and beautiful outside. Anthony let his guard down and started to enjoy his stroll unaware that he was being followed. Hours passed and day became night. Soon Anthony and his pokemon would find a place to camp. One he was settled a man appeared.

Billy Mayer

The man walked out of the shadows, with a creepy smile on his face.
"Well if it isnt are old friend Anthony." Billy eyes fixated on him. As the man steps forward Anthony sits up trying to reach for his bag but finds that he cant reach it. With only Squirtle there he outside the pokeball his stomach drops.

"come out and say hello to our old friend chain and link."
the two angry monkey pokemon crawl out of the shadows. Billy makes his way over stopping about 10 feet away.

"See kid, we have a problem...Ya kinda took advantage of our kind nature and freed all the pokemon ready for shipping. Pokemon equal money kid, and nobody wants to lose money."

How do you handle the situation ?

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