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Default Re: 5TDL vs. 3m0d0ll.

It was a lovely day, with the clouds light and puffy, the sun shining, and an eager crowd waiting to watch the only Pokemon World past time that ever seemed to be a past time of any kind. On one end, a ref who wanted to have some fun of her own, and the other, only known as the five tailed demon. Unintimidated by the name, or the fact there was an official out in the field, both sent out their Pokemon, the stands cheering as they simultaneously appeared onto the rather, plain and boring field.

Genuss the Walrein [F]
Ability; Ice Body
HP: 100% | Energy: 100%


[Spartacus] Electivire [M]
Ability: Static
HP: 100% | Energy: 100%

Rain Dance~Thunder

Genuss looked up at the sky, hearing her trainer's orders to change the weather. It was a blue sky, with careless Swablu wings floating without their heads. It was terrible, and Genuss approved of putting another weatherman out of a job. Mustering up the power of the arcticness within, the clouds immediately turned grey and old, producing a solid precipitation that didn't make the rest of the crowd too happy. Pleased with herself, Genuss was wondering why her opponent, who should have moved before her, hadn't done so already.

Walerin used Hail! [Walerin: -7 ENG | It is hailing!]

Spartacus was not fond of the hail himself, and wasn't wiling to have his head bombarded with golf balls of ice from the elderly heavens. Neither was the demon it seemed, as Spartacus did another dance, almost making fun of Genuss' previous work, resisting the urge to taunt her with 'This is RAIN DANCE.' Soon the hail melted and water began to fall, leaving the crowd to groan at the trollfest of Mother Nature being shown so far. Some couldn't decide between bruises or shrunken v-necks as Spartacus was ready to make his next move.

Electivire used Rain Dance! [Electivire: -7 ENG | It is raining!]

Using his superior speed, the tendrils on the Electivire's back started to spark, sending the energy of the static charge into the clouds looming above their heads. Soon a tremendous bolt of lightning cracked right through Genuss' body, making her cringe in pain. The blue walrus tried to move, but felt something wrong; the electricity had coursed through her body almost too well, as sparks began to jump this way and that along her back, fins and even between her tusks. First her lovely weather was gone, and now she was having her teeth mocked for a taser?

Electivire used Thunder! [Electivire: -8 ENG | Walerin: -16 HP, PRZ]
Critical hit rolled a 4431, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 55 where rolling more than 70 resulted in this action missing the target.
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 1.

Genuss wasn't going to let the walking tesla coil have his way. Battling back the charge in her body, the Walrein opened wide, unleashing winter's fury to strike Spartacus in the face. The Electivire was caught by surprise, for his paralysis had not helped him. The frigid cold stung, but Spartacus was not going to let it get to him. He stoo stalwart, enduring the attack and to his luck, was not caught in it's frozen grasp. It was clear that Genuss was not happy, bu neither of them were going to fool around about this fight any longer.

Walerin used Blizzard! [Walerin: -8 ENG | Electivire: -15 HP]
Critical hit rolled a 3104, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 56 where rolling more than 70 resulted in this action missing the target.
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 4.
Paralysis Roll was 497 where any result less than or equal to 5000 resulted in Walerin successfully carrying out its orders.

Genuss the Walrein [F]
Ability: Ice Body
HP: 84% | Energy: 85%
PRZ for 1 action
Miffed entirely.

[Spartacus] Electivire [M]
Ability: Motor Drive
HP: 85% | Energy: 85%
Looking forward to snowcones later.

Notes: Conditionals take a lower priority, particularly with Focus Punch thrown in there.


3mo, your moves please~
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