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Name: Luis
Currently: Ghost busting
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril

JC came rushing towards me and started explaining the rest of the plan, it was a bit long but I understood it. "I hope that made sense, Persain can enter the section of trees where Bug is waiting. ''I see... Greed come out,'' Persian came out from his Pokeball, and procced to lick his fur.''Aril, Cage come back.''

''Greed do you see that girl that's lying on the ground? I want you to get her out from there through that web gate.'' Persian's feline agility allowed him to move fast to where Emma was lying down, Pidgeotto was also there ready to take Monferno out. I reached to my pocket to get Rick's Pokeball and threw to the ground in front of me. Gyyyyaaa!

''Just give me the signal and we'll rock him like a hurricane!''
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