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Default Mewtwo Invasion ! Contest Homepage

Credit to Charmander009 for the banner

Calling all pokemon trainers! Mewtwo has arrived here at PE2K ! Thats right, in our 3rd Invasion we bring to you Mewtwo aka the Brooklyn brawler, aka the red bomber,aka the genetic freak! Mewtwo has almost no tolerance for human interference and now stands opposed to all of you. Mewtwo will be appearing in almost every section of PE2K ! There will be a great variety of contests for everyone to take part in. There will also be a couple of fun discussions and games to celebrate this invasion. The best part is, everyone who enters one of the contests will be able to get a Mewtwo over Wifi !


(NOTE: Click on the contest challenge titles to link to the threads! Non-existent links are coming soon)

Banner Contest) (Hosted by Judge Dredd) Mewtwo in the form of a banner !!! The rumors are in fact true. Come test your banner skills here.

Caption Contest: (Hosted by Digital) So you think your funny, well come test out your mad skills in our Caption Contest!

Sprite Art: (Hosted by Ant2011) Can you take the legendary Pokemon and make it into a masterpiece? Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Who's That Pokemon?: (Hosted by Neku Sakuraba) Many years ago you had the ability to look at a dark silhouette and scream out the name of a pokemon, well your favorite guessing game is back !

Short Story: (Hosted by Grassy Aggron) What if Mewtwo had succeeded in taking over the world, imagine the fate of the human race! Put your thinking caps on and come join are short story contest! The best story will win you a spot in the winners archive.

WFL Results Tournament !: (Hosted by Judge Dredd)Are you apart WFL and looking for a lot of battles ! Well here you go !

Mewtwo Strategy Contest: (Hosted by (Hosted by Judge DreddIn the dark underworld of competitive pokemon battling lives a group of pokemon who are to powerful to compete on a normal basis. Mewtwo is one of those pokemon. This contest is about creating a the best possible battling Strategy for him.

Mewtwo: Drawn Art: (Hosted by (Hosted by Judge Dredd If the pen is mightier than the stone, then the crayola is mightier than uhhh the gun...Uh just come check out are old fashion drawing contest !

Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth: (Hosted by Saraibre Ryu) This contest is going to test your role play abilities.

Mewtwo Invasion: Gene Tampering Debate: (Hosted by Judge Dredd This is a good old fashion debate over weather its right or wrong to mess with genes.*

Mewtwo Invasion: King of the Voice Overs Contest: (Hosted by Judge Dredd If you are good with creating videos on your computer and you like messing around. Please come check out this contest.

[Mewtwo Invasion] Appeal thread.: (Hosted by 3m0d0ll Do you enjoy ASB ?? If so come check out the cool ASB Invasion Contest !

The Dissicussion/Game Threads
Gen 1 : Best Battle with Mewtwo: (Hosted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah)
Trivia Section :Alphabetical Order (Invasion): (Hosted by Eternal Moonlight)

  • Specific Rules will be posted in each section
  • All forum rules must be observed at all times
  • You must have a Nintendo DS system, internet access, and a copy of Pokemon Black/White or Black/White 2 to claim your Mewtwo.
  • If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Judge Dredd

  • All participants: Mewtwo (Post in the official trade thread to claim yours)
  • The top six winning entries will receive Mewtwo decals for their 3ds, DSi, DS + a spot in the event hall of fame

Good luck guys and may the best member win!

Thread compiled by Judge Dredd

Official Banner created by Charmander009

The Claim thread by MintJelly

Website articles created by Emoon, Pokemon Trainer Sarah and Judge Dredd

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