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Default Re: Zenith Town Egg Center: Claim your free eggs here!

Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Name: Ilov Studdy
Date Joined: 10/09/2012
Location: Zenith Town
Friend Code: 1120-3884-3226
Timezone: GMT +7
Link to stats:

I enter the solemn and quiet Egg Center. There isn't anyone else in the Egg Center except for me, my Pokemon and the girl in the counter. But that isn't going to stop me from getting my Pokemon Egg.
"Hi, may I exchange this old and crumpled egg voucher for an egg? I'm sorry if its too tattered. As long as it's still readable, right?"
The girl looks at it in doubt.
"Okay... It's been such a long time that these Egg vouchers were distributed anyways, so they should be in this kind of state if not yet exchanged."
The girl seems lonely. Maybe its because of the lack of visitors. I wait patiently at the side as she goes back and does her thing...
You get Egg #41.
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