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Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Getting these two back up.

Pokemon Research Center.

The DeEvolutionizer
Is your Tyranitar's 4x weakness to Fighting-type moves hindering you in-battle? Do you have the perfect idea for a Contest Appeal, but your Pokemon is too large to fit the entry specifications? Have no fear, the DeEvolutionizer is here! Here are the steps to take if you wish to unevolve your Pokemon:
-- Specify which Pokemon you want to bring to its previous stage.
-- Pay the price it cost to evolve your Pokemon into it's current stage from your desired stage. Meaning, if you want Your Floatzel to be a Buizel again, it'll cost $10.
-- Wait 24-hours.

Gender Changing Operation
Are you like Tsuna and received a male Combee because you're literally that unlucky? Do you prefer the look of male Jellicent to female Jellicent? Not to worry, because The Research Center has a wonderful staff of surgeons that can perform an operation on all gendered Pokemon to change their sex. And luckily, it's covered by all PokeInsurance, so it's only $5! Here's the paperwork:
-- Specify which Pokemon's gender you want to change (make sure to include it's current and/or desired gender!).
-- Wait 24-hours, then apply ointment to the affected area every 6 to 8 hours as needed for pain.

Shinification Ray
This laboratory is, like all others, full of highly intelligent researchers. However... we have this one guy, Lary, who's odder than most. He created and operates the Lab Ray that has the ability to make your Pokemon Shiny. However, it's quite expensive; he charges $20 and you have to beat him at a number game. The game rules are as follows:
-- The number count starts at 0.
-- Each player adds up to 3 points to the previous number count until someone reaches 20 points.
-- Challenger starts first.
-- PM me with "Shiny Game" as the subject line.

-- Your Pokemon cannot undergo alterations in the Research Center if it's currently in a Battle, Contest, Safari Zone Area, or Evolving.
-- Please register all transactions at the Bank.
-- Any Pokemon unevolved or genders changed must be registered at the Registration Headquarters.
-- Any cheating or abuse of the system may lead to bans/infractions.
-- All other PE2K and ASB rules apply.
Shiny Ray: Up the price to $30 and challenger can't go first, and you've got my vote.
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