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Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
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In Box

With Dusknoir distracted the tiny Bug made its way around the trees creating an invisible cage. One spot was left open for Ash and Emma. Once the web was pretty secure Bug moved away from the trees giving JC the signal. JC got up from behind the tree rushing over to where luis was.
"Alright, phase two..I created a web gate around the dead trees. I have Mud ready to go. Ill need you to send Persian in to the only opening left and help get Emma out. My Pidgeotto will get Ash out.. Once they are out Quag will start slamming causes in the branches to start falling down can then send in the big guy to fly over the trees and create a twister inside the wooden cage. The twister will not only cause it pain but with all the debree that is in there the Dusknoir will have no where to run and be knocked out.."
JC pauses.
"I hope that made sense, Persain can enter the section of trees where Bug is waiting."
JC points out Bug who is waiting near the tress with the small opening.

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