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Default Re: sammy0295 vs Terminal Gym Leader paperfairy

...Dammit, Justin.

Sammy vs. Leader paperfairy

My first Gym Ref. This should be fun! I guess I'll start off with one of the more easier Gyms: Terminal. As I arrived, I saw a door that was labeled: "REFEREE." After walking through the door, I was presented with a box that said "ref@terminal.gym." Walking on it, it elevated me to the battlefield. There were two more boxes. One said "challenger@terminal.gym," the other one, "leader@terminal.gym." The two Trainers sent out their Pokemon. "LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE!" I shouted, loud and proud.


Porygon-Z (-)
Ability: Download
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Beep-bop
Switch to Heracross(After Toxic)~Low Kick

[Jade] Steelix (F)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%

The mysterious spray decided to rinse itself all over the two fighting Pokemon. It looks like nothing's changed, but I'm sure something did...
[POKEGEN: Porygon-Z Stats = Porygon Stats, Steelix Stats = Onix Stats]

Either way, Jade was faster. She decided to chip herself off a little bit, enough to create some imitation sand. Eventually, the sand covered the room, I even got some on my box, which I dislike. Jade swirled around violently in the sand to make it go all over the place and keep it going. Now things are going to get hurt.
[Jade: -7% Energy, Sandstorm in play for current round and following round]

paperfairy knew that Heracross was a good choice against the Steel snake, so, with the commanding words "Porygon-Z, return!", a red light enveloped the program as a stag beetle was sent out to fight!*
[Heracross is sent out!]

Heracross couldn't do much, given she was just sent out. So, what did Jade do? She gathered up toxins that were building up in her system. Jade started to glow a ghastly green, as if she was getting sick. I didn't think Steel-type Pokemon could get sick. Later, she spat a purple goo. Not being fast enough, Heracross got hit.
[Jade: -6% Energy, Heracross: TXC]

Heracross decided to aim low for her next attack. This was slightly harder, given that Jade didn't have any legs. Nevertheless, it would still work. Heracross ran towards the big iron-clad snake. Eventually, she started to slide, hitting one of the bottom iron rocks keeping Jade on balance. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
[Heracross: -9% Energy, Jade: -26% HP]

With the Sandstorm still in play, Heracross couldn't avoid the flying pieces of whatever hitting her. There was also the matter of being poisoned, damaging her internal organs.
[Heracross: -6% HP, -2% HP]


Heracross (F)
Ability: Guts
HP: 92%
Energy: 91%
Status: Aww yeah.
[TXC, +1 ATK]

[Jade] Steelix (F)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 74%
Energy: 87%
Status: Wha...?

Referee Notes
Sandstorm is in play for the next round, in which after that, it will subdue.

Jade went twice because of how Justin's action said to switch after Toxic.

3 Pokemon remaining
Porygon-Z: 100%, Heracross: 92% [TXC], Gengar: 100%
3 Pokemon remaining
Jade: 74%, Rasha: 100%, Kella: 100%
paperfairy, your moves, please

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