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Default Re: Vegetunks vs. Judge Dredd

Vegetunks vs. Judge Dredd
Another one? Good. More battles means more money. More money means more stuff. More stuff means more battles. So, after an hour flight to this abandoned park, there were two Trainers like earlier. "Let the battle commence!" I said, loud and proud.


[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: BZZT!
Discharge~Shadow Ball

[Char] Charmander (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%

Char went first. Knowing that his ghostly opponent would strike first, he stood there, defending his territory. The red newt started to glow a transparent green, where it was almost barely noticeable. Eventually, the green light created a shield around Charmander, seeming like it was saying "I'll protect you."
[Char: -8% Energy, Protected for the next action]

Wisp started to gather up a huge mass of electric energy that it collected from...somewhere. I don't know where. Don't ask, I'm not a professor. Anyways, at last, the moment came where the Rotom gathered way too much energy and had to release it. Aiming for Char, Wisp shot the electricity at the dragon, only to see that it was deflected to elsewhere.
[Wisp: -6% Energy, Char: PROTECTED]

Wisp needed to attack again, since the barrier broke. The perfect way? Using Shadow Ball. Wisp started to get a shadowy aura around it, to use for attacking. Char stood there, confused. He had never seen this move before. But, after all, why should he be afraid? It's only shadows. Shadows can't hurt you. ...Apparently, they can. The electric ghost formed a ball with said shadows, and launched it at Char. I guess that should mean that everything can hurt you. =/
[Wisp: -9% Energy, Char: -15% HP]

The fire lizard started to feel a burning sensation inside of him. It wasn't heartburn, that's for sure. But, it was as it was going to come out of puke does. This was the perfect way to retaliate. Managing to survive the inside fire (He is a Fire-type, after all), Char spit the flames in one, perfect stream towards Wisp. The ghost, getting hit by it, was now pretty mad. It had to get back at the Charmander, somehow...
[Char: -6% Energy, Wisp: -15% HP]


[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
HP: 85%
Energy: 85%
Status: BZZT! >:D

[Char] Charmander (M)
HP: 85%
Energy: 86%
Status: Wha?

Ref Notes

Because Wisp is faster, it want twice in a row. Charmander is naturally slower, but Protect usually goes first because it has a higher priority.

I think the Compendium needs fixing, because originally, it said that Flamethrower was supposed to deal 1% of HP damage to Wisp. But, while I was preparing for the next action (Before realizing Wisp should've gone), when switched, saying Wisp used Flamethrower, it said -15% HP for Char, even though Char is a Fire-type. So, Wisp gets dealt 15 HP damage.

Vegetunks, your moves, please.

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