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Name: Luis
Currently: Doing some ghost busting
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril

"Fall back Luis dont enter the tree line! Keep distracting Dusknoir if you can! I am setting up something." It was easy to just say that but at least the 3 other Ghosts had been taken care of. I looked back at the Dusknoir who kept charging the Shadow Ball, it had taken some time now so this one was stronger than the previous ones. Good thing is that Cage isn't affected by Ghost attacks so he can make the perfect decoy, but even then Ghost types are known for their nasty status afflicting moves and I didn't want another one of my Pokemon to be weakened.

''Cage, wait until the Dusknoir is ready to attack and use your Sucker Punch. You fall back Aril and be ready in case Cage needs any help.'' Cage ran towards the Dusknoir when he was about to shoot another Shadow Ball at us and punched the Ghost in his chin(do ghosts even have chins?); making the ball shoot in the air. Mad that he missed, the Dusknoir tried another Shadow Punch on Cage only to find out he wasn't affected.

''Hah, you failure of a ghost can't even take out a rat!'' Cage glared at me, a little angry of what I had said. ''Hey chill, you now im just kidding. Besides you ARE a rat Pokemon so don't complain.'' Cage kept avoiding Dusknoir's attack while giving some quick blows back, although they weren't strong enough to show any notice of tiring on the Dusknoir.

''Ready whenever you are JC!''
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