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Name: Luis
Currently: Doing some ghost busting
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril

Cage led us into a hidden path and thus we were inside the darkness of the forest again. But this time the plants looked dry and dead, unlike the other parts of the forest. Something was definitely wrong with this place. The sky was also ominous, as it turned grey almost in an instant making us know it wasn't too long for the rain to come. And then Cage froze in his place not even moving an inch, this made me feel uncomfortable but we had to keep going forward. I picked Cage in my arms and noticed that Aril was also feeling uneasy, as she was shivering almost as if something had scared her.

The next thing I saw made me sweat cold, Emma was lying on the center of what seemed a ritual circle made out from dead trees. Alongside her was JC's Monferno, who looked strangely tired; maybe she battled someone or something but what?

My question was answered as I barely dodged the Shadow Ball that came from JC's way. "Find cover !" I quickly ran towards some dead trees and looked to where the attack came from. A Dusknoir was spinning around, and behind it were 3 little Duskuls.

"Listen Luis, we are going to need to work together, if we time this right we can take out all three of those ghosts at the same time. Use your Skiploom to stun them...but they have to be within 5 feet!" I reach for Breeze's Pokeball and let it out. He was happy to see me but after turning to see the Ghost Pokemon he quickly ran scared to hide behind a tree. ''Oh c'mon Breeze, this is not the time to get scared. We really need your help on this one.'' Summoning his courage, he came back to my side, letting out a war cry. Skiiiiiip!

''Now that's the Breeze I know.'' Now the only question was: How would we get near the ghosts without them noticing our plan? I needed to distract the Dusknoir and the three other ghosts. "After these ghosts are down I have a plan...Its going to sound a little bit crazy though!" Well, his last plan worked very good, hopefully this one will achieve the same.

I nodded at JC and then told my Pokemon the plan. ''Aril and Cage, you two will make it seem that are going to attack the 3 little ghosts but miss them at the last second. Breeze, you are going to shoot your Stun Spore as soon as Aril and Cage get out from there. And I'll attract the attention from the bigger ghost, so that he doesn't protect the others.'' The three of them looked concerned after I finished the last part of my sentence, I smiled at them and assured that nothing bad was going to happen to me, I hope.

The four of us got out from our hiding place, ready to act as we planned. I rushed in front of the ghost before he could finish charging his Shadow Ball. ''Hey, you big slouch. Why don't you try to hit me?'' The Dusknoir was mad at my taunt and shoot the unfinished Shadow Ball at me. I jumped out of the way and kept taunting it to get his attention. Meanwhile, Aril and Cage rushed to where the Duskuls where and jumped to attack them. Caught off-guard, the three ghosts raised their arms to protect themselves. But Aril and Cage missed them like we planned.

''Now Breeze, use your Stun Spore and get the heck out of there. Same goes for you two.'' Aril and Cage came back rushing to their hiding place while Breeze filled the air around them with yellow spores, hitting all of the three ghosts. But before Breeze could reunite with us, the Dusknoir attack him with a Shadow Punch angry at what we had done to his comrades. Breeze was in the brink of fainting and I called him back before more harm could reach to him. Dusknoir returned to his place and started charging another Shadow Ball.

''Ok JC, the ghost are now paralyzed. What next?''
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