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Following Cage's path makes me feel a bit odd. Dead branches, throne vines and finally an assortment of strange creepy sounds were all that could be heard. I pushed through the path despite the sharp thorns slashing at me. Each little stab felt like a warning of whatever was going to happen next. How had Ash and Emma come this far out? The questions in my mind stopped as Cage froze up. I felt my stomach drop at that moment but I kept moving forward. As I moved past the rat I saw it...dead trees forming a circle. A cold shiver ran through my spin. My eye now fixated on the center...
The words came out almost in a whisper, but Ash knew I was there. I watched as she turned around. Her body slouching as if she had been in some sort of struggle. She let out a scream that seem to wake up every protective instinct I had. I began to move forward towards the dead trees failing to notice anything else. Areo who had been watching me from a tree flew down and pulled me down the ground as the first shadow ball flew right over. Hitting the dirt I called out to Luis
"Find cover !" I rolled back on my feet nodding at Areo. Looking him in the eyes I whispered
"Get to safe spot and wait for me to call to you, once that happens get Ash and Emma out of their !" The pidgeotto nodded flying up into the trees.

I jumped to my feet finding a safe spot, before I could say to much little ghost had appeared. I reached for trons pokeball. The little guy was a power house but he was to slow. At that moment I missed Hop a lot !! I called to Luis. " Listen Luis, we are going to need to work together, if we time this right we can take out all three of those ghosts at the same time. Use your Skiploom to stun them...but they have to be within 5 feet!"

I reached for Trons pokeball...Looking back over I noticed the massive ghost type in the center. A full frontal attack on a ghost type was going to be could move freely around.. Unless. I looked at the circle of dead trees..remembering just how many broken branches and chipped pieces of dead wood had littered the path on the way here. I reach for Bugs and Muds pokeballs. As the two appear they realize the danger we are in. I look at the two I have a plan
"Bug use your string shot to start connecting those dead trees together ! stay out of the sight. That Dusknior cant see you. Mud just find a hiding place. When I give you the signal start to slam into the trees that Bug is connecting. I knew that it wouldnt be enough. I look at Luis..
" After these ghosts are down I have a plan...Its going to sound a little bit crazy though!"

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