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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4

Jus' saying,

1) In the status for Henry, you forgot to mention that he has PRZ.

2) What field is it now?

Either way, I'll switch to Higeki (Absol), in which he will use his Signature Move, Unlucky Fortune.

Switch to Higeki~Unlucky Fortune

Unlucky Fortune:
Absol are classified as the Disaster Pokemon. This name given because Absol happen to appear before a disaster happens. Higeki, being an Absol, alerted villages when tornadoes/wildfires/earthquakes/et cetera would occur. Because Absol is believed to BRING the disasters to them, they exile them. Like many of his family, this happened to Higeki. Realizing he could use this in battle, here's what happens, bros:

Higeki focuses on many disasters that could happen to the opponent. If he/she/it was poisoned, burned, frozen, etc. After doing so, he must focus even harder. The blade at the end of his head will glow a bright white, striking the opponent. Hard. Because of focusing on a disaster, he must MOVE like a disaster, which is fast. After being struck with the attack, the opponent will be inflicted with a random status. There is also a small percent Higeki will be inflicted with the status problem, too.

Type: Dark
Base Power: 40
Accuracy: 85%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 20
Impact: Single
Priority: 2
Effects: Higeki focuses on a random disaster (Poison, burning, freezing, etc.) and brings it to his blade. When hit, the ref will roll 0-6 to determine what status ailment the opponent will get:

0 - PSN
1 - BRN
2 - FRZ
3 - PRZ
4 - Confuse
5 - SLP
6 - TXC

There is also a 20% chance Higeki will get the status ailment as well.
Usage: Once every two rounds unless opponent is already inflicted with a status ailment.

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