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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Long story short, Dredd will have an immensely valid reason to fear Markus, however slightly. I have huge plans for what goes down in Markus'es hometown of Cinnibar in Red and Blue.)

(Also, assuming the Unown are game to do it for reals, either Markus is reset to the point where he will be at the end of Red and Blue (Still isn't much, but it's an improvement over nothing), or just get some level you feel comfortable with (If you need remembering, I think I sent you a PM on how I planned out Markus'es abilities to develop, but I'll send another one if you need to for whatever reason.))

Unown M (I'm kinda unsure now), Girius (KO), Belt (KO), Unreality (KO), Natasha (KO), Bloodwraith (?), Drowzee Egg (An Egg)

*Markus gets a immense feeling of being told those things before, the tales of invulnerability, the impossibility of stopping it, whatever it may be, and he isn't deterred. It isn't the N-Man or Omega he's reminded of, when he says that, though: something else, something foggy. But what? He remembers a description, a single word: 'empty.' But that could still be anything. Anger surges, like it was his duty to remember. Despite this, his rather blank state remains. Indeed, it seemed to worsen becuase of his lack of memory on it.*

If they seek to unite all in shadow, then they hate and fear light, however deep they have shoved that fear down from the surface. And even so, even then, they-*finds odd words in his mouth, almost foregin-he would say that they could never succeed in their plan for fate doomed them yet again. They were not true, as far as he could tell, but confident ones, like based off of a truth. He shoves them down, not wishing to sound prideful*...They cannot be invincible, I do not believe in invincible............

.........And we'll meet again, I believe that much, and I feel I would be a fool not to believe that much.........I can't be that hopeless against him, not ever again, however stronger he still is above me, not when I have a team to protect *referring to his own teammates and his own Pokemon*............I leave it to your wise council to decide whether or not to break the seal, but I know it, I must face him again, and I believe I must be as strong as possible..........I cannot let down my partners again..........I would understand if you would not want to do it, of course.

*Waiting for a final answer*
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