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My icy mirror Cryogonal was ready to battle Yanma with its powerful Ice-type moves. Cryogonal’s favourite moves are Ice Beam and Blizzard. It loves using Ice Beam, especially when it battled a Dragonite once. The Dragonite had used Dragon Dance, which raised its Attack and Speed statistics by so much. Cryogonal had used Ice Beam to take down most of its health. Luckily this Dragonite did not have Multiscale, and therefore my Cryogonal could take it down with one more attack. Cryogonal quickly darted at the Dragonite with Ice Shard and knocked it out! That’s why Cryogonal sure loves its Ice-Type moves. I am so proud of my Ice-type mirror Pokemon.

I watched carefully and awaited my combination of moves to onslaught onto Yanma. My strategy was to slow it down because of its special ability known as Speed Boost. I watched carefully as Yanma buzzed around within the cold air. I knew my attacks would not removes its Speed Boost abilities, however I can try to counter their effects, effectively.

A gust of wind formed as Cryogonal made the first move, which sprang forth from its body in the direction for Yanma. I watched carefully as Yanma tried to flap its wings away and climb higher. Icy Wind had blasted it too quickly before it could do anything. Yanma had started to descend from the cold sky and twitched its wings slightly to stay in the high, sky. I watched as the rare bug Pokemon tried to regain flight and then suddenly, my icy mirror, was blasted by a wing, which sprang up and around my Cryogonal. It seemed my Pokemon mirror was consumed by an Omnious Wind, with a lot of emotions from Yanma.

“Not bad Yanma,” I said. “I knew you had a lot of suprises. Cryogonal seemed to not be taken by this Omnious Wind and appeared raring to go. Unexpectly, the buzzy Yanma started to glow with a bright light. I recognised such talents as Omnious Wind had a chance to increase all statistics by one. “Clever, Yanma,” I thought to myself. “You will now be even more trickier this time too!” This attack had similar effects as to Ancient Power, which my Claydol and Aerodactyl knew. Such powerful effects with a lot of chance involved. I much prefer Rock Slide! I prefer power to effects. However, Stone Edge is stronger but does not have super accuracy.

Cryogonal started preparing its favourite move Ice Beam. Suddenly, I watched Yanma prepare lots of clones and copies of it. It appeared to be the technique Double Team! Cryogonal had multiple bug-type clones around it in a circle. Cryogonal unleashed its Ice Beam, I watched carefully as it shot it around in a wide circle.

“That was impressive, Cryogonal,” I said with a smile. “Good work, you hit them all at least.” I glazed as Yanmaa fluttered in the air for a second and regained control. Now I had to keep an eye on this creature’s speed. Yanma seemed to be down some health, I need to whittle it down some more and then attempt a capture with my lovely Park Ball.

“Cryogonal, wanna fog out that Yanma over their?” I asked my icy mirror. It nodded with respect. “Let’s plan a Haze attack and use it to consume around the Yanma.” Cryogonal seemed pretty content with this attack. However, could it perform it effectively.

“Then, I would like you to attack it with an Ice Shard,” I said. “One of your favourite moves, but be careful. I don’t want you to be too forceful at the Yanma. Else it will faint and disappear!” I raised my thumb at Cryogonal once more like before. I hoped Gaius was enjoying this battle after we ran away from so many.

“Go, Cryogonal. Use Haze and then Ice Shard let’s go!” I said with such enthusiasm. I awaited for Yanma’s response and had hoped I could attempt capture soon.
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