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With the grunts gone, you guys begin to converse in an attempt to get to know one another. The path starts leading you through tall grass, however, which obscures your vision somewhat. So far you haven't seen heads or tails of JC's Monferno or Emma.

Well, until a shrill scream echoes through the forest. You exchange quick glances with each other before rushing forwards, trying to tear your way through the grass as fast as physics would allow you. Suddenly, the vegetation stops, and you find yourself staring at a sign:


The scream most likely came from that direction--you're sure of it. Will you proceed?
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Damn, it's just one problem after another.

JC and I hurried to were we had heard the scream coming from, but the vegetation was very dense making our movements sluggish for a while. When it finally came to an end we were greeted with a sign that said: ROUTE 6

"Be ready for anything!" JC then ran off onto Route 6, looking very worried about the others.

''Hey, wait for me!'' I started running after him before I lost his track. Aril still was oblivious to the situation, as she was enjoying the breeze made from my running. Ah, such an easygoing creature...

I just hope nothing bad has happened to Emma or Monferno.

Leaving Route 5 and entering Route 6
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