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Default 7 Pokemon away from completing my Pokedex, and I need your help! :D

(Generation 5)

Hey guys, as the title says I need 7 more pokemon in White 2 and I'll finally have my hands on the Shiny Charm. Some of these Pokemon I could get by catching myself, but with the Shiny Charm I'll have a better chance of catching a shiny version of these.

Pokemon Needed:


and finally... a Chimecho.

I realize I'm a new member here and everything and I haven't made many posts at all, and so as such it makes me look, er, suspicious.

I really don't need any of the pokemon permanently, I just need someone that can trade me them all, I go get the Shiny Charm, and then I trade them all back to you.
I totally wouldn't scam anyone.

But at the same time, I don't have much to offer.
My White 2 PC boxes are filled to the brim with Audino, from when I tried to breed them and get a shiny one. And the rest are filled with 1 of every pokemon.

Except for the pokemon above that I still require.

If anyone is able to trade me the pokemon I need there, I'll be so incredibly grateful. Thankyou.

Name: Bill
FC: 3740 7532 1470

Thankyou, guys, for even reading this. I'd be heaps grateful to anyone that is able to do me this huge favor. :)

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