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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Socratic Sarcasm View Post

[Mors] Jellicent (M)
Ability: Water Absorb
Obtained: Here.
Evolved: Here.

Signature Move: Shadow of Death

Like all Jellicent, Mors is a creepy bugger who thinks that the life energy of those around him is quite a tasty snack. Applying this in battle, Mors has found a fun and creative way to eat so that he can gain an advantage in battle. He marks his prey, and then begins to steadily draw the life force out of them. He's even found a way to eat multiple beings at the same time, although the damage he does with that is more spread out. He may giggle occasionally while doing this. He's fun like that.

Type: Ghost
BP: n/a
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Mod: 8%
Impact: All adjacent opponents for damage, any party member in Mors's place for healing
Priority: 0
Effect: At the end of every round, the Pokemon in Mors's place (whether Mors himself or switched in) +4HP and +4ENG for as long as their is one opponent on the field affected. Let X be the number of targeted opponents. Each targeted opponent -4/X HP, -4/X ENG. If an opponent switches, only that opponent seizes to be affected. So if Mors' attack targeted two opponents, and only one switches, the one remaining is still affected and the one switched in is not.
Usage Gap None, but this cannot be used on an opponent who is already affected.
The move is good, but the energy mod is a bit low for me. Aqua Ring has a mod of 6 and it only restores some HP to the user. Up the mod to 12 and you've a done deal.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you're doing. [1/2]
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