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Default Re: Winter Forum FFA: TURN 0


And so the battle began.

Most of the Trainers set out ordering their Pokemon to set up defenses or increase their stats or even create a sort of stunt double to take the pounding when things got tough. Several ordered their Pokemon to attack.

However, a few of the Trainers sat there, staring blankly around.

The Referee up above glared at them, yet they did not change. So he pressed a flurry of buttons and trap doors opened beneath each of the five contestants and their Pokemon, sending them tumbling into the darkness below.

There was very little attacking, but what did get launched around did heavy damage. A pile of vines that passed for a Pokemon went up in smoke from a massive blast of fire. Shaking his head, the Referee pressed another button, sending the Fainted Pokemon and its Trainer into the void below the Stadium.

Meanwhile, one of the giant Pokemon held the bomb. The bomb hissed menacingly, but the Pokemon kept it anyways. It didn't go off, but it sputtered some strange-smelling smoke...

"Hurry it up!" the Referee shouted. "Second round! Keep going!"

TheEvilDookie does not send! Starmie KOd! $1,000 awarded.
The pokemaster does not send! Mismagius KOd! $1,000 awarded.
SLCalamity does not send! Kingdra B KOd! $1,000 awarded.
Andarene does not send! Empoleon KOd! $1,500 awarded.
JokesterJesse does not send! Skitty KOd! $2,000 awarded.
Banette prepares to Snatch!
Serperior uses Substitute, snatched by Banette!
Galvantula uses Thunder Wave on Charizard!
Grovyle uses Nasty Plot!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *77
Charizard uses Substitute.
Xatu uses Substitute.
Lucario uses Substitute.
Porygon-Z uses Substitute.
Kingdra A uses Substitute.
Gallade B uses Substitute.
Gallade A uses Swords Dance!
Dragonite uses Dragon Dance!
Togekiss uses Substitute.
Venusaur uses Substitute.
Gardevior uses Calm Mind!
Vulpix uses Flamethrower on Serperior!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *32
No burn.
Vaporeon uses Aqua Ring!
Umbreon uses Substitute.
Flareon uses Fire Blast on Tangrowth!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *17
Tangrowth is KOd! ChainReaction01 out. $2,500 awarded.
Tyranitar uses Substitute.
Clefable uses Substitute.
Conkeldurr uses Bulk Up!
Cradily uses Substitute.
Carracosta uses Shell Smash!
Litwick uses Calm Mind!

Sandstorm buffets many Pokemon.
Aqua Ring heals Vaporeon.

Dragonite 93.75% [388] Atk/Spe +1
Carracosta 100% [326] Atk/SpA/Spe +2 Def/SpD -1
Serperior 49.96% [325]
Galvantula 93.75% [315]
Grovyle 93.75% [309] SpA +2
Xatu 68.75% [289] Sub
Lucario 75% [279] Sub
Porygon-Z 68.75% [279] SpA +1 Sub
Kingdra A 68.75% [269] Sub
Gallade A 93.75% [259] Atk +2
Gallade B 68.75% [259] Sub
Venusaur 68.75% [259] Sub
Gardevoir 93.75% [259] SpA/SpD +1 Multiscale
Togekiss 68.75% [259] Sub
Banette 68.75% [229] Sub
Vaporeon 100% [229] AR
Vulpix 93.75% [229]
Umbreon 68.75% [229] Sub
Flareon 93.75% [229]
Tyranitar 75% [221] Sub BOMB
Clefable 68.75% [219] Sub
Conkeldurr 98.75% [189] Atk/Def +1
Cradily 75% [185] Sub
Litwick 98.75% [139] SpA/SpD +1
Charizard 68.75% [74] Sub Par

25/31 Pokemon Remaining
Send your moves to me by 24 hours (5 PM GMT -5).
If I missed anything, call it to my attention. It will be edited.
It is your responsibility to check for edits, as the deadline will not change.
You must wait until after the FFA to claim your winnings.
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