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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Scars of Yesterday

Kharre deflects the attack of Spider B!

Spider B's defense roll: 10, bonus +1, total 11

Damage dealt: 7

Your sword pierces the spider's thorax and kills it

Spider E attacks the thief!

Attack roll: 7

Thief's defense roll: 2, bonus: +5, total: 7

Damage dealt to thief: 4

"Tch, this one just won't die!" She swung her short sword at the spider.

Attack roll: 11, bonus: +2, total: 13

Spider E defense roll: 7, bonus: +1, total: 8

Damage roll: 2, strength bonus +2, total: 4

"Haha! I bet you'll be tasting death soon!"

Battlefield now:
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