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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Flower Salesmam Rita

As you walk through the streets of Navi Town an old woman approaches. She seems pretty friendly.
"I noticed you in town the last couple of days. Whats brought you to Navi Town ??"
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Getting mugged by an old lady, what is this world coming to?

Anthony tightened his grip on his Pokemon, he didn't just go through hell to lose them again. "I'm just starting out as a trainer. I was told this is the first town to visit on the way." The Pokemon wriggled out of his arms and gathered around his feet. Anthony sighed and brushed the dirt from his shirt, his fingers found a few small rips from the recent excitement. "Gah... Now I need to find a new shirt too." He fell to the ground, sat upright, and looked at the woman, "You wouldn't know where one could obtain clothes, do you Ma'am?"
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