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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Lee
Location: Ruins
Team: (Flint) Cyndiquil [KO], (Buzz) Ledyba [KO], Unown E <missing>
Points: 51

Weak... Freak... Two words that had always echoed in Lee's mind. How often had he heard those words, and from how many voices? Lee had tried so hard to prove them all wrong--but with little victory.

But Seth was right about one thing.

As much as Lee loathed to admit it, he had realized the instant they entered that room with Dredd that he stood little chance. This was why he offered Seth no reply other than to glare at him murderously as Luna pulled him off of him.

Lee needed to get stronger. And unfortunately... that path might lead him here among the Chromes.

Standing up, Lee was about to shout some other challenge at Seth, but noticed he was staring at something... or someone. Following his gaze, Lee was surprised to see who was emerging from the ruins.

"Alyssa?" he blinked dumbfoundedly. "You're..."

But of course, Seth had to interrupt to say something stupid. Lee along with Alyssa shot him a dour look.

The Unown came next--though E was noticibly absent. While they offered thier assistance to the others, Lee pocketed his hands, trying not to look disappointed. Of course... it was his own fault...

Deciding to keep his mind off it, Lee turned to Alyssa with a relieved expression. "You're alive!" he marveled. "How did you escape?"

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