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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Moon froze as Max approached her. Her knee shaking a little. Her experence in the in the afterlife had shaken her to her core. The little ghost floating around had something to do with her...She was some how responsible, she could feel it in her bones.. She had been fixated on that thought since they left the other dimension. Max slow walked up and grabbed her hand. Looking her in the eyes he smiled.
"Hey you in there." As soon as she looked back up Max felt a surge of memories flowing through him." Moon pulled her hand back and tears poured down from her face.
"I did something I know it." She cover her face with her hands and turned to take off. Max chased after her and stopped her.
"I am not sure the scope of whats going on here...but I think we can help this Spirit..I think you know how we can do that...Moon, I need you to focus your thoughts."
Moons hands shook as Max one again grabbed them. She closed her eyes and Max twitched as the broken the thoughts filled his mind..
"the power plant !" Max pulled back for a moment..with a tears coming down his face. He looked at the Spirit.
"Would you like to come with us on a little Journey."

Markus(DD) watched Gold reaction. He smiled a little as he placed the thought in Gold's head. This was to easy. As Dredd placed the thought he paused. Images for the future flooded his thoughts...This person could see the events of the future. Dredd could see a pokemon ruled by choas...pokemon attacking people in the street. So much power could be felt even in his thoughts. Dredd fed off this power and anger. A new thought entering his mind...What if he could infect everything..his plans up until this point had been so little. He paused looking at Gold.
"Thank Arceus, we made it out of their Gold ! Be grateful that you missed on that one."

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