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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Okay, since RPs arent as fun if characters aren't interacting, and I don't want Cobalt to slow everyone else down, I am making a second character who will travel with Cobalt. .

EDIT: and a third character. I couldnt help myself.

Name: Eclipse

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Male

History: Eclipse was born into a turf war. His mother was an Umbreon, in a clan who had a long lasted resentment for a Glaceon clan. The two clans were constantly fighting, and were kept seperate in the Valley. His parents met whilst scavenging food for the clan and fell in love (Argh I hate writing this crap XD)

Eclipse was born later as an Eevee, and his father's identity was unknown to himself and the rest of the Moonlight clan. It remained that way until the Blizzard clan made an attack 13 years. Eclipse was cornered, and was forced to fight. He accidentally used Ice beam, a move in which he Inherited from his father (I know that doesn't work in the games). He evolved into an Umbreon, straight after, but was seen using Ice-Beam by the Moonlight Clan Elders. They sentenced his mother to death for treason, and exiled Eclipse from the camp. They dumped him with the Blizzard Clan, even though he was an Umbreon, saying that he does not belong with them.

The Blizzard Clan elders would have had him killed, if Eclipse father wasn't a personal friend of one. Eclipse's father explained what happened to the Elders and apologized for his treachery. The elders of the Blizzard Clan were more fair than those of the Moonlight clan. They allowed Eclipse to stay with them, but as much as they didn't want to, they knew that his father's treason couldn't go unpunished. His father was exiled, and Eclipse was alone. He never met his father before he was banished.

Over the next 3 years, he attempted to make friends. He was the only Umbreon in the clan, and had been attacked by others for it many times. He learnt to defend himself because of this, and is now a master of Dark moves, a feat unusual for his young age.

The Valley was attacked a few weeks after his 16th birthday. He managed to get himself a meeting with the Elders. The Elders still held his father in high regard and wished there was a way they could have not punished him. Over the years, came to respect Eclipse, even though he wasn't one of them. According to them, he had the spirit of a Glaceon.

Eclipse asked what his father's name was, and if they knew where he went. Eclipse wanted to find him. They told him his fathers name. Azure. As for where he went, Azure told the leaders that he was going to leave the Valley all together. As much as he cared for Eclipse and Umbra (Eclipse's mother) He was loyal to his clan and was ashamed of what he had done.

Eclipse packed some supplies, and left the Valley a few days before it was attacked. He is currently staying in a swamp.

Personality: Eclipse is generally friendly, yet secretive. He tells very little of his past. Once he deems a pokemon trustworthy, he will tell them the truth though. He is ashamed to use icebeam, and refuses to talk about his parents, or his clan to strangers.

Eclipse doesn't know why he wants to find his father. He shows true determination, and will not give up on anything easily. Nor will he back away from a fight. This determination also doubles as pride, causing him to not take any insults to himself or those close to him.

Appearance: Eclipse is normal height for an Umbreon (1m according to Bulbapedia). He has ice blue eyes, and the glowing rings change colour depending on his mood. The intensity of the glow depends on that of the emotion. Yellow is happy, Green is scared, Blue is sad, Red is Angry, Black is Nuetral, Purple is tired or sick. (I may add other emotions later).

Powers (He is a strange Umbreon): As a master of Dark moves, Eclipse is able to hide in shadows (Like Midna from TLOZ Twilight Princess) for short amounts of time. However the area covered by shadows will instantly become cooler due to Eclipse's Glaceon genetics, sometimes even freezing the plants around him. However in this state, Eclipse will be burned by sunlight Eg if he was hiding in the shadow of a tree and someone destroyed branches blocking out the sun, he would be burned. Badly.

In moonlight he feels slightly refreshed, and has a small amount of increased stamina. Though it won't heal him, it will ease the pain of wounds.

Due to his Glaceon Heritage, he can use Ice beam and other weak ice moves, but chooses not to due to the shame he was forced to bear for having these gifts.

In a nutshell:
  • Hide in Shadows. Weak to sun when doing this,
  • Benefits from moonlight
  • Slight Ice type capabilities

Name: Blitz

Species: Luxray

Gender: Male

History: Blitz was the first Shiny Shinx born into his pack. There hadn't been a sighting of a Shiny Shinx for 800 years in the Valley. Because of this, he was worhipped in his pack, and trained to be their leader when the time came. From a young age he was taught the ways of his pack, and how to fight with electricity. He was trained for the destiny he didn't choose.

The training finally paid off. By the time he was 14, Blitz was the best at using electric moves out of all the young luxio in his pack. But one night, he found out the harsh truth. He may know how to manipulate electricity, but fighting was a whole different story. A few of his friends went out one night to an underground fight club, where they watched the other Luxio fight eachother. When they asked for challengers, Blitz volunteered, his ego inflated from the training. Though his attacks where the strongest, he was slower, more inaccurate and easier to hit than the opponents and was beaten.

Blitz went home with sore limbs and pride. Knowing his duty was to lead the pack, he snuck out, and went to back to the fight club. Here he kept fighting, refusing to give up. Numerous years and beatings later, he was one of the best. He had evolved. His speed and accuracy went unmatched.

Blitz was 21 when the Valley was attacked. He and 2 other luxray were out hunting. His whole pack were slaughtered by the Army, and his 2 compainions were killed when they attempted to fight. Blitz had no choice but to run away.

Personality: Blitz has a strong sense of duty. If he says he will do something, it will be done. He will not allow himself to be in debt to anyone and will pay them back as soon as possible. Due to being treated like Royalty all his life, he is somewhat naive, and will trust other pokemon too quickly, leading sometimes to him being betrayed.

Appearance: Regular Shiny Luxray. Has 3 crossing slashes on his back, which have scabbed up and are healing. The muscles are a bit stiff from not being used as much, but after a while he will heal normally.

When Cobalt leaves, he will find Eclipse and Blitz and they will start travelling together.
This was the RP can be more intersting for me, but won't slow everyone else down because of how slow I will be.

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