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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all!

CM here, back after a long break. Let me apologize for that. A lot happened that I won't get into here. I have played a bit during my break, so I'll let y'all's favorite Black 2 Nuzlocke team member update y'all on what happened during my leave.

Hai, darlings! Long time no see!

Wish I could say I was busy with something absolutely fabulous, but sadly that's not the case. I guess you could say I was on a bit of a vacation. Spinel went back to Johto for a while to finish the Pokémon league there. She even caught a Legendary! So sadly those of us here in Unova didn't have much to do, so we just kinda lazed around.

Anyway! So we last left off with Pendragon the Trapinch joining our little team. He's rather quiet, I'll say, but he'll open up in time. After he joined us Spin decided it was time to move on, not even fully exploring the resort. But I can't blame the darling. The sandstorm was annoying and the sand got caught in my fur! And-- Well, I'll stop there before I start rambling about unimportant things.

Back on Route 4 we went, heading for Nimbasa City. I tell you I was excited to see it! I personally want to see the theater, but I highly doubted we'd go. And I was right. But maybe next time. Anyway before that was something called Join Avenue. Nothing special happened there in my opinion so I'll just skip that part.

In Nimbasa we did some sight seeing. Spin had a Tag Battle with a trainer named Nate and his Pignite against the Subway Bosses Emmet and Ingo. I didn't participate, but I had fun watching. After that we went to the amusement park. That was so much fun! We found a lost Xtransceiver that apparently belongs to some guy name Curtis. Not to sure of that, honestly, but I'm not going to worry about it for now. After that we rode the Ferris wheel before exploring the old Nimbasa Gym. Both were really fun.

Now I bet you all thought I'd say it was fabulous, huh? That's for the new Nimbasa Gym. The runway and music... Fabulous! Now I was just moral support, not actually battling in the gym since I'm not the greatest match-up against Electric-types, except for the Pokémon Emolga, but with Ground-types on the team I got to just sit back and watch. Cary was leading the team this time, followed by Pendragon. She did a fabulous job. She even evolved! ... After the gym. Like one trainer battle after the battling Elissa. Now I don't need to tell you my opinion on the Electric-type leader, do I?


After the gym and a quick trip to the Center we went to Route 5. We had a run-in with Bianca again and she taught us about Hidden Grottos. Apparently Pokémon with rare abilities hide in those, but we didn't catch the one in the grotto Bianca showed us. Instead a female Leipard named Cleopatra joined us, but for the time being she's kept in Spiny's PC. Then after that we crossed the Driftveil Bridge, where Oddette the female Ducklett was also sent to the PC.

Lv. 24
Item: none
Ability: Limber
Nature: Careful (+Sp. Def, -Sp. Atk)
Often lost in thought (Sp. Atk)
-Fury Swipes
-Fake Out

Lv. 23
Item: none
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Serious (no change)
Sturdy body (Def)
-Water Pulse
-Arial Ace

Now you may or may not already know, I am a Pokémon of fashion. I was absolutely horrified when I saw those Arceus awful Team Galatic uniforms, even more so when I saw the silver version. We had no idea there were two branches of Galatic, not to mention the silver wearing ones were turning a new leaf and returning the Pokémon they had originally stolen. I don't think any of us knew how to handle this information, honestly. Of course we found all that out after we followed the silver Galatic's directions to a house and had a battled with an old guy named Rood. It was a easy battle for us. After his story he asked Spinel to take care of a Zorua that had once belonged to their king. Being the kind-hearted person she is of course she agreed. Honestly I'm not sure if I can trust the dark fox, so I'll be keeping my eye on him.

Lv. 25
Item: none
Ability: Illusion
Nature: Hasty (+Speed, -Def)
Proud of its power (Atk)
-Faint Attack
-Fury Swipes
-Scary Face

After all of that our trainer decided it would be best to travel to Route 6 for some training before taking on the Driftveil Gym. Now do you all remember her insane luck earlier on with encountering Pokémon with a low encounter rate when first entering a route? Well she still has it. We found a little Karrablast who went by the name of Issun. For now he's in the PC, but I'm sure we'll see more of him later.

Lv. 23
Item: none
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Quirky (no change)
Capable of taking hits (Def)
-Fury Attack
-Fury Cutter

((CM: Virtual cookies for anyone (other than Eternal Moonlight) who gets the references with the Karrablast and another team memeber.))

Shortly after that we met this nice breeder, April, and she's been helping us train for our battle against Clay. We had previously gone to the gym and challenged some of the trainers there, but after some close calls because of level differences Spinel decided it was best we train before battling the leader. So we've basically been training like crazy. Now sure whe-

Come on, Kailash! We're going to the gym to challenge Clay!

Would you look at that! Spin, hon! Why not share your thoughts with the viewers during the battle? Some people had wanted you to host the next installment.

I suppose I can do that. However I'm not sure what to say.

Then let me ask you some questions as we make our way to Clay.

I have no problem with that.

Fabulous! First: What do you think of Clay's gym?

It's... unique. I haven't seen or heard of an underground gym before. However I don't like the conveyor belts.

Why's that?

There's set so it's a maze. I wasn't happy when I had hit a dead end.

Understandable, darling. Now, do you have a strategy for battling against Clay's Ground-type Pokémon?

I do, and I apologize that you're only backup in this battle.

No need to apologize, hon. I'll get my spotlight soon enough. Oh look! Time to shine, darling! Now while Spin has a brief conversation with Clay I want to say that the Pokémon who are participating in this battle trained hard. I have no doubt we'll be victorious!


So Clay leads with Krokorok. Good thing Fenris is up front. He should have no problem- Did not expect Krokorok to still be standing after Fen's Force Palm. That Bulldoze did a good amount of damage to him. I'm kind glad we both took a turn to heal our Pokémon.

But Fenris is a tough Lucario. And after that heal he made quick work of that Krokorok.

I had no doubt. That's why I had him lead. But it's time to pull him back, I'm afraid. He's not a good match-up against Ground-types, and he's already taken a good amount of damage.

Then who's next? Nerina?

She'd be good because of type, but she currently does not know any Water-type moves. So sadly no, she's not up next.

Oh yeah...


Leah's going to face off against Sandslash. She has an advantage being a Grass-type.

... But it survived her first Leaf Storm attack.

I can see that, Kai. It may be standing after the first, but as we are seeing now the second proved too much.

And now the final round. We can do this!


You sure you want to send her out? Excadrill is a fully evolved Pokémon with higher speed and-

It only took one Hi Jump Kick from Bellatrix to knock him out, thus giving us the win.

I will not underestimate her again. Don't want to get on her bad side now do I?

This Quake Badge makes our total badge count to five. We're one step closer to challenging the Unova league.

Uh... Where's Clay taking us now on this elevator?

I don't know...

*sigh* Just a short cut to exit the gym. We can finally go into the light again!

And why am I not surprised to see Jasper waiting for us outside the gym?

Because he's our stalker?

Not funny.

I thought it was.

You're lucky he can't understand what you say.

I know, dear.

And I think it's best we stop here for now. We're not going to take on the World Tournament yet.

You're going to make us wait!? But the tournament will be exciting and fun for us!

Yes, we're ending here. I'm getting tired. I have done a lot today already, a lot of training, and we all need a break.

I see your point, hon. I'll give you that. We could use a rest.

Thank you. Now how about you close us out?

Gladly! *addresses the audiance* Until we meet again, stay fabulous!
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