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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Scars of Yesterday

Kharre deflects the attacks of Spiders B and E

Spider B defense roll: 9, bonus +1, total 10

Damage dealt: 5

Your sword cuts into the spider's flesh

Spider B attacks Kharre!

Attack roll: 12, bonus: +0, total 12

Kharre takes 2 damage if she rolls a 1 for defense (which I doubt will happen )

Spider C moves North East and attacks the thief!

Attack roll: 4, bonus +0, total 4

(Not rolling defense, thief has a +5 bonus as we've established)

Spider E moves North West and attacks the thief!

Attack roll: 6 (not doing bonus anymore for anything with a bonus of 0)

The thief's defense roll: 12, bonus: +5, total: 17

Spider E missed!

"Well look on the bright side friend, they're almost all dead." She draws her short sword and swings at Spider C. -USING AT-WILL POWER: Sly Flourish-

Attack roll: 14 Bonus: +3 dex mod (Dexterity based power), total: 17

Spider C defense roll: 16, bonus: +1, total: 17

Damage roll: 6+2+3=11

The thief slices Spider C's head off and chuckles, "There, three down and two to go."

The battlefield now
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