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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Scars of Yesterday

Spider A defense roll: 8, bonus +1, total: 9

Damage dealt: 6

You plunge your sword into the Spider's skull, killing the injured arachnid.

Spider B attacks Kharre!

Attack roll: 18, bonus +0, total 18

(Tossing a coin for the rest of this encounter, heads all ties go to defenders, tails all ties go to attackers..... Tails. Ties go to attackers)

Kharre takes 3 damage if her defense against Spider B is 17 or lower.

Spider C moves toward the thief and attacks!

Spider C attack roll: 20

Damage dealt to the thief: 4

Spider E moves toward Kharre and attacks!

Spider E attack roll: 15, bonus +0, total 15

Kharre takes 4 damage if her defense against Spider E is 14 or lower.

"Have I mentioned how much I hate spiders?" She moved North East and pulled a shuriken from her belt pouch. "Aim right for all eight of your disgusting eyes, no way I can miss!" She threw the shuriken at Spider C

Attack roll: 4 , bonus: +3, total: 7

Spider C defense roll: 5, bonus: +0, total: 5

Damage roll: 2 (+3 dex mod) = 5

The shuriken lodges itself in the skull of the spider. "Ha! Gotcha!"

The battlefield now
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