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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Howdy hey, y'all!

I'm back! Finally got my laptop back, so I'll try to be more active. But I do have some house projects I'm currently working on, so I need some time to get back in the full of things. Also this Tuesday I'll be starting a new diet so I'll be spending some time learning how to cook new, healthier foods. So for the time being I may just focus on the board I mod and my B2 Nuzlocke thread (yes, I am reviving it! I did not write a 10 page update in my notebook for it for nothing!). So for now I'll be slow getting things on the road, but hopefully with getting some things in my RL going and slowly getting myself back into forum life and find a good balance for both I'll be back and running here. I thank everyone for understanding why my original break was extended and apologize if anyone thought I was about to do my old disappearing act and not return for who knows how long without any kind of update.

@Typhlosion Explosion: Thank you for your condolences. They mean a lot.
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