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Default Winter Forum FFA: TURN 9

The many gathered Trainers stood facing each other in a giant ring at the battlefield. Some had struck bargains with others, pacts or otherwise. A few nodded to each other in acknowledgement. Some of them had mischievous looks in their eyes, as if they were up to no good and proud of it. One guy even waved to a girl across the room, both with grins on their faces.

The Referee, in the box above, had an even bigger grin on his face. Partly because he was going to throw another variable into the mix. And he got to watch it all unfold.

"Trainers, send out your Pokemon!" the Referee boomed through the loudspeaker.

With various cries of "Good luck!" and "Go!" or "Come on out!", the Trainers called out their Pokemon, sending them out into the arena.

There were Pokemon of every size and description. Spiders and snakes and fish and dragons and vaguely human-shaped Pokemon and even some sort of small cat all filled the stadium with their battle cries.

One of the Pokemon, a tall brutal-looking Pokemon whipped up a Sandstorm, immediately darkening the area. One of the Pokemon, who appeared to be wearing a ballroom dress, scanned the foes with its mind. Another, a strange-looking duck, performed a software update.

Suddenly, a small bomb bounced into the arena, thrown by the Referee. One of the Pokemon, curious, caught it. It's Trainer was rather dismayed.

"The Bomb is now in play!" the Referee called. "Let the Free For All begin!"

Tyranitar's Sand Stream kicks up a Sandstorm
gliscorman rolled 1 30-sided die: *15
Gardevoir Traces Dragonite's Multiscale!
gliscorman rolled 1 30-sided die: *1
Porygon-Z downloads Special Attack!
gliscorman rolled 1 31-sided die: *23
Tyranitar has the Bomb!

Starmie 100% [329]
Serperior 100% [325]
Galvantula 100% [315]
Grovyle 100% [309]
Mismagius 100% [309]
Charizard 100% [299]
Xatu 100% [289]
Lucario 100% [279]
Porygon-Z 100% [279] SpA +1
Kingdra A 100% [269]
Kingdra B 100% [269]
Gallade A 100% [259]
Gallade B 100% [259]
Dragonite 100% [259]
Venusaur 100% [259]
Gardevoir 100% [259] Multiscale
Togekiss 100% [259]
Banette 100% [229]
Vaporeon 100% [229]
Vulpix 100% [229]
Umbreon 100% [229]
Flareon 100% [229]
Tyranitar 100% [221] BOMB
Empoleon 100% [219]
Clefable 100% [219]
Skitty 100% [199]
Tangrowth 100% [199]
Conkeldurr 100% [189]
Cradily 100% [185]
Carracosta 100% [163]
Litwick 100% [139]

31/31 Pokemon Remaining
Send your moves to me by 24 hours (5 PM GMT -5).
If I missed anything, call it to my attention. It will be edited.
It is your responsibility to check for edits, as the deadline will not change.

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