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Official's Post

Hiiro had never had to ask a pokemon a question before. Most of his experinces with pokemon were much different. Faced with two different pokemon that could talk to him was an interesting twist.

The little Meowth smiles cleaning itself. It lets you know that it had seen two different girls that were pyschic one fo them had gone to route 2 the other had been searching deep in the woods of route 1.

Hiiro had a choice to make, was he going to head back or move forward. Where could Stacy be ??

As you stood their trying to figure it out. Meowth ears perked. "Ya, hear that ?" it let out a low growl turning aroud running into the tall grass !
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
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Currently: Route 1
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

Two Psychics? Now isn't that all the more better? Hiiro, you now have to make a crucial choice! Tee he he

"Damn it, now Shiro has gone running into tall grass! Let's go after it Zorua!" Hiiro hissed, and the duo followed the cat deep into the tall grass..


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