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Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Currently: Route 1
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

"YES! We've captured our first Pokemon! Although it wasn't a Flying type, but still, we won the bet! ..Only thing is now we have to find Stacy, hoping she hasn't caught her first Pokemon yet. But either way, we're going to have to have a battle with her as she promised. Heh." Hiiro said.

Yay! First friend! ...Hiiro, you should perhaps ask the furball if he had seen Stacy around. He's been here for quite a while, playing with the boulders, so he might have known someone if they've passed through this place.

"Well, it's better than nothing I suppose. Come out, Meowth!" Hiiro called out his first captured Pokemon.

Meowwwwwthhhhhhh...That feisty foxsure did me in. Guess I'd have to bid farewell to this forest...So what do you need this time?

"First off, I'm going to give you a nickname. It's about damn time I started giving Pokemon their own name, that way you guys would feel as original as possible. It's good to be unique, you know? Hmm..You shall be called Shiro, literally meaning White in Japanese. I think it fits you just right!" Hiiro smiled at Meowth.

Sounds kinda goofy if you ask me, but it's better than Meowth...Tee he he!

Shiro? I LOVE it! Fufufu! Okay, now let's get back on topic. Why did you call me out?

"Did you see anyone else going by this route? A girl to be more precise. She's a Psychic." Hiiro questioned Shiro...

Official's Post

Hiiro had never had to ask a pokemon a question before. Most of his experinces with pokemon were much different. Faced with two different pokemon that could talk to him was an interesting twist.

The little Meowth smiles cleaning itself. It lets you know that it had seen two different girls that were pyschic one fo them had gone to route 2 the other had been searching deep in the woods of route 1.

Hiiro had a choice to make, was he going to head back or move forward. Where could Stacy be ??

As you stood their trying to figure it out. Meowth ears perked. "Ya, hear that ?" it let out a low growl turning aroud running into the tall grass !

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