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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
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Currently: Have you seen a little girl, short, black hair? I mean... Giving fake info.

Apparently apologizing wasn't doing much of an effect in one of the grunts, because he quickly drawed another Pokeball out. 'Come on, try and see if you can beat me.' that was the only thought on my mind at the moment. The calmer of the two grabbed his partner by the shoulder and he stopped completely.

"Hold up, Preston, we don't have time for this..." Preston... I'll remember that name, it may come in handy in the future.

The grouchy grunt moved away from his companion and kept scowling us. "Whatever... Let's get out of here." And with that he walked past us, shouldering us in the way. 'Next we meet, you won't be so lucky.' The calm grunt stopped and apparently wanted to ask us something.

"Sorry 'bout him, he's... just really grumpy right now. But you two haven't happened to see a girl pass through here, have you? She looks about 15 or 16, about this tall?" He held his hand in the air to demonstrate.

''Sorry, you three are the only ones I have seen on the road. It is pretty much deserted around here.''

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In Box

JC stays silent feeling out the situation. The little distraction had now shown them that one of these grunts has a poor temper. JC watched the hate filled words spew out of his mouth. The only image going through his mind was having Tron send a blast of sand into his mouth. The idea of the grunt shutting up was a nice one. After a moment of that JC focused again. The second grunt was different, his words made JC feel conflicted about what they were going to find in the Nova Outpost.

JC had hoped it would be filled with grunts like the grummy guy, that kinda guy is easy to deal with..but this nice guy really threw that off. Finally it came time to speak. JC figured the best way to deal with the second guy was tell him the truth...

"Yeah, weve seen a girl that size.."

Just not the whole truth

"A couple of them to be honest. We just came from Zenith, the flower festival in Navi Town seems to have traveled up to the city. Girls are all over the place there." JC wiped off some of the dust and turned back towards the route.

"This its time we keep moving, good luck finding your friend."

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