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Default Re: GLADIATOR [su/ds]

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Congratulations, you won the prize of biggest SU I have ever read every xD

That aside, however, this really gave me some really deep insight on your character though. I really liked the whole clan idea you presented here--it was very interesting to read about. Don't worry about the creative liberties--I wanted to leave what the original GLADIATOR played like up to your guys' imagination. This RP really won't have too much to do with what was done in the past games, at least, for what I have planned.

But I really don't understand why everyone suddenly started throwing in usernames and "rival pokemon"... Seriously guys, we ain't going to use them ^^'

Anyway, everything looks good! ^^ (though a few errors threw me off--What's Sierra? xD Who's Bruno? Think you meant to say SUMMIT and Bruce) You are very much accepted!

Welcome to the Battleground!

We were never told NOT to have usernames. I just chucked it in mine for ****s and giggles. As as for the other pokemon, I added more pokemon to the team, to give a more interesting history, and more options for the RP. What is more interesting? Crimson worked at the Lilycove Department store, or he worked there where he met the Hoenn champ, who saw potential in him and gave him a Beldum? I made that Off the Battlefield Rivalry reference as a joke, and people took it seriously. If we aren't going to use them, whats the big deal ha ha ?

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