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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Dang, why is everyone losing their Pokes! D: Sorry to hear about your losses, guys :(

Congrats on the Crobat, though, Kris! I got one on my team as well :) And DUDE, I SO wanted a Gible D: I ended up getting visited by a Geodude or something, though xD I have had my fair share of Geodude >>'

And congrats on beating Norman, Meg! :D How many badges does that make now?

New Nuzlocke, Kaoru? Awesome! Totally following it! ^^

Oh, I got news guys! :D Dug out a relic today... I haven't seen my clear-purple Gameboy Color in ages xD Gonna be playing a Crystal Nuzlocke on it soon! :D

Say, I need to ask for your guys' opinions... I'm about to face Volkner in Platinum and get my last badge... I'm debating pulling Montana (my Onix) out again and training her up to face his Electrivire... Should I do it? :/

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