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Right before you is the door. As you and Breloom approach the door you take a look in. Through a crack in the door you can see most of the pokemon locked in a big cage. You see the two Vigoroth pacing back and forth.

Write a paragraph about the battle.
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Anthony turned to Breloom, "Now, I know I'm not Stacy, but she's letting me borrow you to rescue my friends." Breloom nodded as if to accept Anthony as a temporary trainer. As soon as Chain and Link had paced to opposite sides of the room he sprang into action. He opened the door and ran in, "Breloom, use Sky Uppercut on Chain!" Breloom ran to the closest Vigoroth and rammed one of it's claws into it's chest, knocking it back. The other Vigoroth started running toward his fallen brother and Breloom. "Quick Breloom, use Mach Punch!" Breloom zipped across the gap and jabbed it's claw into Link's stomach. Link staggered a bit and then slashed his claw across Breloom. "Breloom! Are you alright?" Breloom nodded. Anthony scanned the cages and saw his Pokemon. They were all asleep, or knocked out, he wasn't quite sure which. His bag was on top of the stack of cages, just tossed on top like some garbage. "Alright Breloom, hit Link with a Stun Spore!" Breloom shook his cap and showered a sea of golden dust onto Link, who fell over twitching. Anthony leaned over the paralyzed Vigoroth, "Now be a good Pokemon and stay."

Anthony started to walk towards the cages when a hard tackle knocked him down. "Ow! What the?" Anthony looked up to see Chain standing over him. "Breloom! Quick! Use Headbutt" Breloom charged Chain and rammed his cap into the Vigoroth's back sending him flying a few feet. "Now! While it's down use Stun Spore!" A cloud of golden dust covered Chain, paralyzing it. "I think that settles our dispute." Anthony grabbed his bag to make sure everything was still there. Convinced that nothing was gone, he put it on and began investigating the cages, "Damn, they're locked. Stacy, do you think your Raticate could chew through these locks?"
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