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I wasn't 100% sure on how the original GLADIATOR played, so I had to take a several creative liberties, so sorry about that. In particular, I assumed they had a massive multi-player fan base, a-la COD, with clans and the like.

Also, and I'm really sorry about this: this is less than HALF of the SU. Longest. History. EVER. Sorry about that, Char.)

NAME: Hector Psiana
PERSONALITY: Hector is generally not very social, though not by any manner of shyness, nor any manner of being a jerk. Hector was never a people person in general-though, several years of being on the receiving end of harsh words and painful fists would probably do that to anyone. He speaks very briefly, if he must, though you probably won’t get too much of a conversation. He generally makes body gestures instead of actual words if possible. After a good deal of detentions and suspensions for retaliating to bullying, Hector’s patience is fairly ironclad-with a few situations being an exception-but ultimately you won't get under his skin outside of those situations, or at least not easily. He generally ignores whatever insult it is as most of anything else, considering it background noise rather than anything important, and he’ll attempt to run away from fights (and without panicking). He is intelligent, though not to any prodigy-like extent. Ultimately, the outward barrier gives off an impression of a lone-wolf with little in the personality department. This is mostly true...

...Emphasis on mostly.

First and foremost, his Pokémon? Off-limits. You look at them wrong and he takes it as personal insult (and is one of the things that does set him off really quickly). Especially if it’s his Espeon, Eif. It is his favorite Pokémon, after all. If you're not so sane, then why not try to pet any of them without his permission? I'm sure you'll walk off that broken wrist pretty well, eh? In all seriousness, the above scenario is one of two where someone got seriously injured over touching his Pokémon without permission. He's also had it taunted by a few idiotic bullies. The resulting fight landed him in suspension. Once, Eif was outright harmed-outside of a battle. It was unintentional, but the result forced Hector into a second school and nearly got thrown in Juvie for what happened in that…Extremely violent instance. This extends to the original (and obviously, the new) GLADIATOR, as he IS using Eif's powers, and henceforth, you're outright insulting the Pokémon he likes the most if you insult his powers in-game.

Second off, if the above wasn't enough of a button to dodge, he is a VERY competitive player. You know, to the point of being an a**hole about it. He doesn't challenge you over Pokémon Choice and powers, if only because he is as considerate on this subject to others on this as he'd want them to be to him. This, however, does not stop him from insulting you on the basis that you could be using the powers you have 'better'. If you're goofing off, he'll be quick to call it out and get frustrated over it should you ignore him. Troll PERIOD, and he’ll take it badly. It's almost shockingly easy how he transitions from a quiet guy to an angry, vocal a**hole over a Video Game. Even when he's not playing, he doesn't like it when he sees, to him, fumbles that could easily be avoided occur. Especially if said fumbles are consistent. He hates playing with newer players if only because of this. He will be incredibly vocal if he finds himself the only person actually scoring points for the team. His one saving grace for his sportsmanship is that he's not a braggart and probably never will be: one of his first major GLADIATOR opponents was an incredible braggart, and he doesn't want to look even slightly like him. Prove him wrong, and he'll apologize immediately and shut up. If you can beat him, he'll be impressed (if silently). And of course, he's a cool contender and you can expect him to give it his all in a match, regardless of relations with you. As a bonus, in this particular instance, he fortunately has decided to try to restrain himself and try to ignore what he would usually chastise as good as he possibly can, considering that he doesn't want to look like a complete a**hole in front of a worldwide-broadcast that people will actually watch over a video game, not to mention that the ‘controls’ and ‘platform’ are vastly different from the original...But don’t push it.

APPEARANCE: His bodily appearance is fairly average. Standing at 5-foot-7, and weighing in at 125 pounds, Hector Psiana is, for where he lives-Driftveil City-a fairly normal boy by the physical standards (maybe a little short). Hector's black hair is prone to, in a recessive trait, bunch up at the tips, making it look spiky-especially noticeable when he wears his favorite hat, a visor with the DaTaFoX clan symbol on it (Two white-outlined parallelograms, long side vertical, mirrored, with a Red Diamond below, on a black background, ultimately looking like the face of an Eevee…Substituting the Diamond with its face). He’s got the stubble of his goatee to sport for facial hair, if only because he shaved it clean for the event. His short-sleeve jacket has a few white Tron lines on it, stretching vertically downwards, but is otherwise black. Underneath it is his favorite shirt, portraying a video game controller behind a breakable glass panel, labeled 'In case of Video Game, break Glass.' (His second-favorite shirt is one where the glass is broken and the controller is absent). He wears blue short jeans and a pair of plain old sneakers that have clearly had some wear on them over the years.

In the BG, well, that obviously changes. He wears a skintight suit, that starts at the tip of his neck and goes down to his toes, that, albeit is able to completely flex and bend when he moves around, is ultimately irremovable from his body. This is only the base layer, however. He also has lightweight, jet-black ‘metal,’ which I shall refer to as ‘Gladiam’ for all due intents and purposes, covering anything that isn't going to impede flexible movement. Yes, that does give him the appearance of wearing toe-shoes. This also gives him a helmet, mostly made of Gladium, but having a visor made of a kind of glass: It’s impossible to see his face or differentiate it from the Gladium, but Hector has a clear view of the situation. The only indicator of there even being Glass is the decoration: A Red Tron Line, forming a diamond shape, is also outlining the glass. Also on the helmet are decorative ‘Ears,’ designed to look like, well, Espeon ears. They have Pink Tron lines to them, henceforth giving a direct view from the front roughly the same look of DaTaFoX’s Symbol (just with two extra triangle ears). If that didn't seem intentionally programmed, the Gladium plate over his heart sports the DaTaFoX logo with glowing Tron Lines on it to prove that it was an intentional design choice by whoever programmed his specific armor design. The tips of his fingers have glowing pink plates of Gladium on them, which is important as these are where most of his attacks are launched from. There are also glowing Tron Lines surrounding individual Gladium studs that protect Hector’s knuckles-these where he charges and releases his Psi-Spark attack.

HISTORY: He was born and raised to Helicia Jonoka and Bruce Psiana in the city of Driftveil. Helicia was an elegant woman and a former, very successful Pokémon coordinator, while Bruce was just your average dork miner that managed to be sweet enough to tow in Helicia's heart. Helicia initially volunteered to quit the Coordinator business so as to raise her son properly, but after it became known that Helicia's paycheck as a local coordinator and battler was much higher than Bruce's mining paycheck, Helicia was forced back into her former job work, leaving Bruce to raise his son Hector. Due to the fact that 'much higher' still was nowhere near enough to make ends meet without extensive time put into it, Hector did not get to see his mother very much at all. His father made up for it by being the best parent he possibly could, for all of his clumsy nature. Hector grew distant to his loving father, however, and this was despite Bruce's best efforts. He also had issues with bullying-mainly because he couldn't tell what his mom looked like, or if he even HAD one. He, initially, did not respond well at all-he responded with fists flying and mouth shouting at the top of his lungs whatever insult he could possibly think of, in fact. It was when he finally got outright suspended for this activity that his parents met, face-to-face, to discuss if Hector’s father really was capable of raising the kid, considering he seemed to have no control of his own son whatsoever.

Briefly, Bruce decided to resume his mining work and hire a Babysitter-this was when Hector was seven. This still wasn't very much improvement (mainly because hiring the babysitter required enough money to render the profit from the mining business almost nonexistent), and the in-school bullying increased because now his father was completely absent-though Hector, over time, was starting to do his best to ignore it, if only because Detention wasn't fun and he was starting to attract fistfights that he wanted no part of. It was during the beginning of his summer break that Helicia, fed up with basically the inability to see her son awake, among other legitimate grievances, filed a claim for divorce, hoping to gain legal custody of her son and abandon the husband she was losing all interest in most aspects: That way, she believed, the three of them could keep afloat, it would allow her to attempt to raise her son properly, and hopefully fix the problem that she believed stemmed from Hector simply not seeing his mother. Bruce defended- at his angriest in a very long while-that Helicia had barely seen her own son and that the stress of a divorce would ultimately make everything worse for Hector. The court ultimately ruled a compromise that left both adults very unhappy: in the best interests of Hector, the divorce would occur, but Bruce would gain custody of Hector, due to the fact that, while Helicia’s job could rake in much more cash, Bruce had the more stable income because his didn't hinge on winning competitions. The arrangement did help the problem of low income and high work hours, at least for Helicia-even though she couldn’t have her son in her household, the arrangement still meant Helicia had less to pay in daily expenses and allowed her to see her own son awake in the first time since ages in visits to Bruce's house. Hector himself, even at the age of seven, had enough reason to believe her mother was about as real as most of the Legendary Pokémon he’d heard the most outlandish rumors of, and from the mother’s perspective, it looked like that if he could finally say he had a living, breathing mother that cared for him, some of his issues could be worked out.

Then Hector’s personality finally became the most blatantly apparent it had ever been. The lack of emotional response he gave his father was, without afterthought, the same response he gave his mother. He was surprised to see that he actually had a mother, but that was about it. He didn't really care after the initial shock. She was just another adult face, something he saw plenty of at school (and usually on bad terms). Helicia was a vastly different parent than Bruce, however, and she tried to at least make Hector (willingly) have SOME sort of (positive) emotional response: she took him to the nearby glitz and glamour of Nimbasa to see a Pokémon Musical , and then the amusement park immediately afterwards, she bought some fairly expensive toys that Hector might have liked, treated him to a brief display of her coordination skills at some of its most intense ever, and even a failed-but-exciting attempt to see Coballion in the nearby Milstraton Cave. There was BARELY a legitimate response to ANY of those outside of ‘thank you’ (Hector admitted the coordination act was impressive, but that was in a bored monotone). She didn't even get any sort of anger or tears about her absence for most of his life at that point, which was something she expected. He wasn't frustrated over it, he wasn't depressed over it; he just didn't care enough. Hector’s first few meetings with his own mother in the first time in his memory were about as lively as a zombie in a White Void Room, if even that. She theorized that it was the bullies that made him this incredibly distant and anti-social way, but ultimately she hadn't the money to change schools or move, and Hector’s own responses to said bullying-even if now that he tried ignoring them-prevented a lawsuit from even hoping of working. If anything, Hector scarred those that picked on him more so than they scarred him.

Helicia and Bruno then considered this was a deeper problem than just issues of parental abandonment or bullying (though both were also troublesome). They visited a local psychiatrist, hoping that Hector’s emotionless could be therapeutically cured, and hopefully would not be any severe mental disorder (IE, they didn't want him to turn out to be a Sociopath or Psychopath). That day was when he pretty much first met a Psychic Type at all. He saw several live Pokémon well before this, but not a Psychic Type. His opinions on Pokémon were neutral at this point: some of the worst bullies he had to put up with happened to have a Pokémon of his/her own at that point, (and used them, however weak, as aid against Hector) but he definitely was curious about what were, in essence, loyal bodyguards that he could call upon to win the fights he himself couldn't, and definitely aspired to be a Trainer, if only for that reason. The Psychiatrist had an Abra (the Psychic Type), coincidentally, and it being a young Pokémon (by Pokémon standards about as old as Hector) and currently not in its 18-hour sleep period, she decided to leave it with Hector , saying to him that his parents and her would be in a different room for fifteen-or-so minutes, talking about treatment options. Abra were nonviolent Pokémon by nature: when conscious, they either try to ignore fights or flee them. Hector’s current plan for dealing with bullies, when he didn't get angry enough to fistfight, was either ignore the taunts or run from the incoming pain, so the two obviously related on some level (something the Psychiatrist knew), why she left Hector with the Abra.

Once the Psychiatrist left to discuss the treatment options, well, the Abra, being curious about the new kid, did what would be logical, and attempted communication. Being that Hector was human and the Abra lacked the ability to communicate in English, the best way to do this was to use telepathy. For the Abra, it was natural to chat with humans and other Pokémon in this manner, even if they were surprised about suddenly hearing a voice in their head that belonged to it. For Hector, ‘mind blowing’ didn't cover it. Try ‘mind obliterating.’ Here was a Pokémon, who acted somewhat like him (the Abra didn't have issues with emotional expression, but otherwise, he was similar), related to his problems, and talked WITH ITS MIND. Long story short, when his parents left the room, he pointed at the Abra and said, in his most pleading voice possible, “Can I keep him?” After a smaller discussion over why, exactly, he wanted the Abra, the adults went in the room for another fifteen minutes, re-evaluating the whole thing, and deciding that, albeit the Abra wasn't going to go home with Hector (he didn't react happily to that), and that the initial therapy course was still going to happen, that the next possible moment, he should get a Pokémon or two, one of which were Psychics, to help Hector relate to something else living. The Psychiatrist also wagered that the feeling of companionship would help him obtain other friends. It was around Christmas at this point.

Hector wasn't the kind of kid to sneak down to see what he got for Christmas-there wasn't usually enough stuff to get overly excited for. However, rarely did he see one of the presents jump up on his bed of its own accord in the middle of the night and paw at him curiously. He mistook it for someone poking him and woke up, getting a first glimpse of his new Eevee. Briefly curious as to why there was an Eevee inspecting his face, he then got out of bed early-partially because the Eevee was too curious in pushing against Hector’s face with its paw to allow Hector to properly sleep-and saw that not only did the Eevee manage to slip out of its own kernel, a Ralts was in another Kernal right next to it. He didn’t wake his parents, instead preferring to let the Ralts out, let it talk and translate for the Eevee, and do so WITH ITS MIND. He named the female Ralts Deovi and the female Eevee Eif. Best Christmas EVER.

The other thing he got that wasn't related to taking care of the two Pokémon-computer privileges, which included the ability to play his dad’s old-ish copy of the original GLADIATOR-paled in comparison (at the time). When School restarted, virtually all bullying stopped-it wasn't like an Eevee and a Ralts were the most intimidating Pokémon ever, but you still didn't mess around with a kid that could send out Pokémon, no matter how weak (Helicia explicitly got both because they had at least one strong attack; Eif had Trump Card, Deovi had Psychic). The inadvertent swarm of people highly interested in his cute Eevee and Ralts were, in turn, shooed off by Hector due to his protective nature (and otherwise beaten silly), but eventually people learned that he didn't like others touching his two Pokémon unless he said so. He definitely was still being picked on by a small band of persistent bullies of the more physical variety (that gradually increased over time as Hector’s obsession with the two increased to point of extreme irritation for any present), but Hector had human friends at this point (if the two Pokémon weren't enough to at least gather people, the Psychiatrist was definitely making sure Hector spoke to people). He didn't really touch the GLADIATOR game, despite its persisting popularity, and it went on until he got to Middle School. Devoi evolved into a Kirlia, even. The only somewhat odd thing (aside from the still near-guaranteed comment on his lack of talking in class and his obsessive behavior in protecting his Pokemon) was an interest in, of all things, Parkour, and that wasn't too odd for a kid who learned the hard way that if they just came for the pain, going where they couldn't worked best to deter them.
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