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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
B]Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

The sandstorm had proved the perfect distraction for Emma and Ash to escape. The two men seemed hell bent on continuing ahead. I had seen many lackeys in my day, the smell of lower level grunt was ripe in the air. My natural instinct was to talk this out..but I really wanted to mess with these two. As I turned to Tron I let out a sigh. I looked to Luis.
"Dont battle them!" I called to him.
I knew right then, that are goal was to get into Nova Outpost. If we beat these two jokers up they would report us giving up any chance we had to surprise them. I paused waving my hands at Luis. After that I called to Tron to stop.
"Alright thats good Tron stop." I groaned then walking out of the dust.
"Hey sorry guys, we just got caught up !"

Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Party: Gyarados(Rick), Raticate(Cage), Persian(Greed), Skiploom(Breeze), Nincada(Aril)
Currently: Waiting for the grunts to leave

I heard JC saying to not battle them and ordered his Golett to stop. ''You do the same Aril, this battle is over.'' Aril came back rushing to my side and climbed to my shoulder. JC walked out of the dust to apologize for the inconveniences. "Hey sorry guys, we just got caught up !"

''Yeah, we should had find another place to battle instead of blocking the road.'' I wasn't very comfortable doing this, these kind of people didn't deserved an apology. But we had to stay low and avoid any unnecessary battles with them until we arrived at Nova and freed the villagers, I just couldn't wait to teach those goonz a lesson.


The grouchier grunt doesn't seemed to impressed with your apologies. As the cloud of sand settled to the ground, you see a displeased scowl on his face. With a glint of anger in his eyes, he approaches you and growls, "If you're so keen on battling, maybe I should teach you a lesson!"

The both of you grow uneasy as he draws another Poke Ball from his belt. As JC thought about, the two of you couldn't afford to pop up on the bad guy's radar--at least, not yet. Besides that, the matter in Nova was urgently pressing. With every moment you were delayed here, precious seconds were being lost.

"Hold up, Preston," the calmer grunt grabbed his companion's shoulder, effectively stopping him. "We don't have time for this..."

"You don't need to tell me," Preston replied curtly, jerking away from his companion. He didn't move forward anymore, however. Instead, he continued to scowl at the two of you. "Whatever... Let's get out of here."

'Preston' abruptly shouldered his way past you, storming on down the road. His companion stopped for a moment, however, to speak with you.

"Sorry 'bout him," he apologized. "He's... just really grumpy right now. But you two haven't happened to see a girl pass through here, have you? She looks about 15 or 16, about this tall?" He held up a hand to demonstrate.

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