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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
Single Battle, 2 Pokemon Each
DQ: 3 Days
Damage Cap: N/A
Restrictions: No OHKO Moves (This includes moves such as Perish Song and Destiny Bond), Three Chills per Pokemon.
Arena: Scarlet Mansion - A mansion where two girls and a butler live. In the case that you may happen upon their butler, you better hope they don't get hurt. When the girls aren't asking anything from their maid, she is on patrol around the mansion. The halls are large, so noise moves easily through each hallway to the next. If she hears a noise, she'll come straight to it.
The ref rolls. It's a simple thing, really. Not like Stadium Ver. 2. xD

0-50: Sakuya Izayoi (The maid) doesn't hear anything. You're safe.

51-100: Uh-oh! She heard you! Somehow, a knife came out of nowhere! (Deals 5% HP damage to whoever it hits. Can be avoided.)

Ref Style: Open
Mind if I take this battle? c: I've wanted to battle you for a while now.

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