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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Rescuing his friends

"My last battle with them?" Anthony put his hand to his chin, "The only Pokemon I saw were 2 Vigoroth. Chain and Link if I recall correctly. They're quick, and they're powerful. Dimir and Selesna didn't stand a chance, Azurius was able to retreat to his shell before they got to him." Anthony sighed, "Your Raticate is fast, but I don't know about it's power. Your Butterfree can fly, that's a big advantage there. Breloom are naturally quick and strong, plus being a fighting type doesn't hurt." Anthony turned to face Stacy, "Honestly, I don't know which would be best against them, all 3 seem like viable options."


"So he has two Vigoroth huh. Well we have two pokemon fast pokemon who are capable of putting a pokemon to sleep."

She looks at the pokemon.
"You can pick whichever pokemon you like. Ill follow you in."

You must pick the pokemon you like and start the battle. Be careful !

Nothing Happened

Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Name: Snow
Party: Razor( Bulbasaur), Gaia( Sunkern), Spike( Rattata), Lulu( Buneary)
Location: Route 2
man never a dull moment ok return Gaia*Recalls sunkern and leaves Razor out*
Razor start with a tackle against the spinirak. *Razor charges at the spinirak and connects as the spinirak shoots a web and attacks with string shot* Razor dodge and use tackle again. Razor goes for another tackle but spinirak counters with poison sting* Try again but dodge the web and poison it shoots now go. Razor charges again dodging a string shot hitting spinirak on it's back as it wriggles to turn upright. Razor tackle one more time. Razor charges in as spinirak turns upright to face a full tackle knocking it back* Now pokeball go *throw a pokeball*
Official's Post

The ball stops rolling! Spinarak was captured

You look up noticing that the Spinarak have already gone back to work fixing the their web. You notice a pathway that leads back to the main road.

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