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Hiiro felt good about his choice to not take the stars. As he continued on, he was ready to get some really training in, but he still didnt know where to look for pokemon. Once Hiiro got back on the road he found himself standing at cross roads. Route 2 wasnt to far away, maybe his luck would change there. Or he could head back in looking for pokemon.
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"Jeez. No Pokemon at all, is this for real? I wonder how's Stacy doing.." Hiiro muttered.

If you care about her that much, why not go back? Tee he he!

Zorua started walking back and forth. Hiiro came to a crossroad, one which would lead him to Route 2, the other, nowhere to his knowledge.

"Let's head back. I vowed to catch my first Pokemon in Route 1, and, well, I can't leave Stacy alone. Once we've captured a Pokemon, let's go look for her!" Hiiro turned back to Route 1.

You impress me by the minute, Hiiro. Tee he he!

Zorua jumped up and perched upon Hiiro's shoulders, as the both started retracing their steps into Route 1...

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