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The two grunts stop as they catch sight of your clever diversion. One looks uncertain on how to approach, while the other looks rather annoyed. Both fail to notice the figures slipping away into the forest under the cover of the Sandstorm.

"Great," says the agitated one. "A road block... They had to pick this place to have a petty battle?"

"We should turn back," the other suggests, frowning at the cloud of dirt rising before them. "We're supposed to lay low..."

"Hah! Why should we turn tail like a bunch of scared Sentret? Come on--folks should come to fear and respect who we are. I'm tired of slinking around in the shadows..." With that, this guy kept moving forward--drawing a Poke Ball. His companion reluctantly followed doing the same.

"Hey!" the more aggressive man shouted at the Sandstorm cloud (apparently unable to see you through it). "Out of the way! Take your stupid battle elsewhere, and quit hogging the road!"
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The Sandstorm distraction was a success, as Emma got away without having being spotted by the two guys. But even the vicious storm didn't stopped one of them from approching us. "Hey! Out of the way! Take your stupid battle elsewhere, and quit hogging the road!"

I barely heard one of them shouting at us and by the sound of him, he was looking to pick a fight. Aril and Golett were still fighting, both of them dodging the attacks that came to their way. I was wondering for how long we were going to keep with this act.

''How much are you going to keep stalling me, eh? Your Pokemon won't be able to dodge forever.'' I was waiting for JC to give me a hint of what we were going to do next, after all he was the one that came up with the idea. I wouldn't mind battling those two guys just to see what we are going to be dealing with in a future, maybe they were only bark and no bite. They also looked very average, and the fact that they couldn't track Emma efficiently made me think they were not that experienced.

But life teached me not to judge a book by it's cover. Besides I didn't want to ruin the plan and decided to continue with the fake battle.
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