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Name: Snow
Party: Razor( Bulbasaur), Gaia( Sunkern), Spike( Rattata), Lulu( Buneary)
Location: Route 2
man never a dull moment ok return Gaia*Recalls sunkern and leaves Razor out*
Razor start with a tackle against the spinirak. *Razor charges at the spinirak and connects as the spinirak shoots a web and attacks with string shot* Razor dodge and use tackle again. Razor goes for another tackle but spinirak counters with poison sting* Try again but dodge the web and poison it shoots now go. Razor charges again dodging a string shot hitting spinirak on it's back as it wriggles to turn upright. Razor tackle one more time. Razor charges in as spinirak turns upright to face a full tackle knocking it back* Now pokeball go *throw a pokeball*
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