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Default Dungeons and Dragons: Scars of Yesterday

This RP is for 5TailedDemonLizard and Ant2011

For years the city of Kalam has been the symbol of a perfect city. Low crime rates, fertile farming ground on the outskirts of the city's walls, abundant mineral resources in the mountains close by, and a stable economy. Surrounded by a large forest with towering mountains to the North, Kalam hasn't been threatened by invaders.

Recently though, a thief has made Kalam her place of business. She has been known to steal from wealthy merchants and nobles. The guards of Kalam have chased her out of their city and into the forest.

Because the guards cannot leave Kalam unprotected to chase this criminal down, you have been asked to bring her in, for a hefty reward.


You find yourself trekking through the thick forest, the moss covered trees towering high above you. All you have to go on to find this thief is a map, sketched by the guard who saw the direction she ran. Finally, you come to a fork in the path. The map in your hand ends at this fork, and now you must continue searching without guidance.
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