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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Created my pe2k account in 2007. Never paired. Forever alone XD
Joined in 2009. Paired twice. Regretted it.
Originally Posted by fullmetal View Post
>back when this place was bumpin' with people and i was 15 and not 20, sigh so is this place even active anymore?!? meow
eh I bet all the traffic will rush in again when X and Y are close to their release date.
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
I never really understood pairs... Hahaha.


So, has anyone killed anything recently? I accidentally killed my Unicorn the other day on the way to College :/
I killed a moth :/
Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
I killed a conversation lately.
Several of these too.

If killing conversations was illegal, I'd be sentenced for life in a maximum security prison xD.....
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