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Default PMD: Because of You

Okay, take what I've written so far in NotRM and flush it down the toilet! (Well one and a half chapters are around the same but still. same basic plot, just taken down another route.

Rated PG (PG-13 in some chapters for violence)

Chapter 1

I do not own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

It was a beautiful morning in Treasure Town, many Pokemon were already up getting ready to go exploring or getting their stalls ready in the case of the Kecleon brothers and the others, at the east side of town there was a cliff shaped like a Sharpedo named Sharpedo Bluff, in the hollow centre a Pikachu was just waking up and had a huge stretch. She got to her feet and walked towards the opening in the cliff, then gazed outside.

She watched the large blue sea, letting the ocean breeze caress her yellow fur, she looked like any other Pikachu but in fact she used to be human, a human from the future, her ears and tail were a little longer than most pikachu's and also had some blonde bangs on her head. She wore a purple bow around her neck.

Then the other Pokemon who was sleeping next to her. started to sit up and have a good old stretch himself, The Pikachu turned around and smiled. “Good morning Chimchar,” she greeted.

Chimchar returned the smile, he also looked like most other Chimchar except he had a small scar on his forehead which sort of looked like the letter x, Chloe never asked him about it. His eyes were a very light grey, in fact almost silver.

“Morning Chloe,” He greeted and took a look outside. “Awesome, it’s another great day for exploring!” He said enthusiastically.

Chloe giggled at her partner’s excitement.

“Sure is. We better get going before you explode, because I don't want to have to clean that up.”

Chimchar blushed slightly, Chloe giggled at the reaction. She loved to tease him like this.

“Yeah OK guess we should,”said Chimchar with a small laugh.

Chimchar grabbed the treasure bag and checked their supplies.

“Good looks like we've got everything we need,” he said.

Chloe smiled,

“Great lets hurry to the guild and see what jobs we can find.”

Chloe and Chimchar climbed up the steps of Sharpedo Bluff. and started passing through the lush Treasure Town, nearly everyone greeted them, Chloe and Chimchar happily greeted back with a wave. They had become rather famous and popular around here but that’s what saving the world twice does to you. Everybody in town knew their names even most of the travelling explorers who pass by, in fact a few of them asked for their autographs, Chimchar often joked that they now could be as famous as Dusknoir used to be if not more.

Once they’ve reached the guild Chimchar examined the job bulletin board while Chloe looked over the Outlaw Notice board.

Just then Chloe spotted something interesting.

“Hey Chimchar here’s one.” She pointed to a poster on the board. “A Nidoking is causing havoc at Blizzard Island the reward is a Zinc band we’ve been needing one of those.”

Chimchar looked pumped.

“OK let’s do this, we haven’t been to Blizzard Island in awhile this will be a great excuse to go.”

And with that Chloe and Chimchar dashed out of the guild and to their left where the dungeons were.


About ten minutes later, just as Sunflora and Bidoof were heading down the guild steps to go on a mission a Pokemon walked towards them.“Excuse me,” He said, almost as if it burned him terribly to act polite. “But is Team Firestorm here?”

Sunflora, as cheery as ever looked in his direction. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I’m afraid you just missed them. They left to apprehend an outlaw over Not too long ago.”

The Pokemon frowned at this this piece of news.

“Any idea when they’ll be back?” he asked. It was obvious by the tone of his voice that he was trying to keep a lid on his temper.

Sunflora and Bidoof shook their heads, then Bidoof spoke up.

“If it’s important you can always wait for them at Sharpedo Bluff, that’s where they live.” Bidoof pointed east. “Just keep going up that way till you reaches the cliff, but you might be in for a long wait, yup yup.”

The Pokemon headed off seemingly forgetting to say thanks, Sunflora and Bidoof shrugged it off and continued on their way.

At Blizzard Island Chloe and Chimchar continued their search for Nidoking.

As always, the Island was completely coated in snow and ice; it was also snowing quite heavily, but despite the harsh weather conditions, Chloe and Chimchar pressed on. These two really worked as a team, Chloe did her best to keep any water Pokemon away from Chimchar, while Chimchar did the same with Rock types, as he knew Focus Punch. Chloe then spotted something.

“Over there!” She called to Chimchar, who was just finishing off another Nosepass.

“What is it?” he asked curiously.

Chloe pointed to some large footprints in the snow.

“Nidoking's footprints, and they look fresh. We can't be too far now.”

Chimchar rubbed his arms as the duo began to follow the tracks.

“Thank goodness. I swear this place gets colder every time we visit.”

Chloe smirked at her partner.

“Oh but weren't you so excited to come here earlier?” she teased. “Don't tell me you're getting....cold feet.”

“Ha ha ha! You made it funny,” said Chimchar sarcastically.

Chloe let out a giggle.

“Sorry, I couldn't resist.”

Chimchar rolled his eyes.

“You're incorrigible, you know that don't you?”

Chloe gave Chimchar a smug look.

“Well maybe a little.”

Suddenly Chimchar grabbed Chloe's arm.

“Watch it!” he cried

“What?” asked Chloe somewhat confused.

“You were about to walk right into a Monster House.” Chimchar answered, pointing to the unusual amount of gummis on the floor in the next room. During the past year of being on an exploration team, Chloe and Chimchar learned how to spot potential Monster Houses before unwittingly walking right into them. They were a perfect example of “If it's too good to be true then it probably is.”

“Phew, close one,” said Chloe. “Thanks, Chimchar. Though I'm certain I could've taken care of it with Discharge.”

“Don't start growing an ego on me Chloe,” laughed Chimchar. “Come on let's find another way around.”

As the twosome took a detour Chimchar pulled to apples out of the Treasure bag and passed one to Chloe.

“So why do you think Nidoking is causing trouble here?” he asked taking a bite out of his own apple.

Chloe shrugged.

“Beats me. It still surprises me that a pokemon could go to such a level. Sometimes I think they do this for the sheer fun of it.”

Chimchar nodded.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I guess he's just another power addict.”

“Yeah,” Chloe agreed. “We seem to be getting those a lot lately,”

Chimchar glanced over to another room and saw Nidoking threatening a poor Delibird into giving him his Clear Gummi.

“Over there!” Chimchar pointed out.

“Yep I see him,” said Chloe looking pumped up.

Chimchar and Chloe rushed to the scene.

“Hold it right there!” Chimchar called out.

The Delibird looked relieved.

“Yay! It’s team Firestorm!”

Nidoking took one look at the duo and just laughed.

“That’s an Exploration Team!? They look ridiculous!”

Chloe smirked, flicking a bit of hair out of her eyes.

“Yeah, we get that a lot”

Nidoking prepared himself.

“Well this should be easy.”

Chimchar pretended to sigh.

“Don’t you just hate it when they underestimate us Chloe?”

Chloe nodded.

“Ohhh yes, it gets soooo annoying.”

Nidoking smirked,

“Oh, confident are we? I think you puny wimps need a lesson in not interrupting someone when they're busy.”

Nidoking charged, aiming his horn at them, but Chimchar and Chloe dove out of the way.

“Ohhh we have a feisty one.” joked Chimchar.

He jumped at Nidoking, and used Fury Swipes.

Nidoking got hit a couple of times, but managed to grab Chimchar’s arm, then his claws glowed a sickly purple colour, Nidoking jabbed Chimchar in the stomach with Poison Jab making the poor Pokemon fall to his knees. Chloe glared at Nidoking.

“Ohhh you’ll wish you hadn’t done that” She growled.

Chloe charged at Nidoking, who was about to finish Chimchar off and grabbed his tail. Now Nidoking was really fuming, he swiped Chloe off his tail sending her flying. Then he got hit by a wheel of fire, which turned out to be Chimchar.

“Thanks for the breather Chloe!” he called.

Chloe smiled, getting to her feet.

“No problem Chimchar.”

Nidoking looked at Chimchar half impressed.

“Not bad kid that actually hurt a little.”

Then Nidoking charged at Chimchar with Horn Attack, but Chimchar ducked, then his fist glowed white and used Focus Punch hitting Nidoking in the nose, causing him to stagger.

“You little blighter!” he growled holding his sore nose.

“Oh we are just getting started!” announced Chloe who used Quick Attack. Nidoking barley dodged. Chimchar tried to use Focus Punch but Nidoking was faster used Brick Break, hitting Chimchar on the head, Chimchar fell face first into the snow and didn't appear to be moving. Chloe growled she used Iron Tail and struck Nidoking's back. He then fell to the ground knocked out.

Chloe sighed in relief exhausted that was the toughest Pokemon they battled in a while. She then rushed to her partner's side.

“Chimchar, you OK?”

Chimchar slowly pulled himself up rubbing the sore spot on his head.

“That...really hurt!” he complained.

“I'm not surprised,” said Chloe. “You had me a little worried there.”

Chloe pulled an Oran berry out of the Treasure Bag.

“Here,” she said handing it to Chimchar. “This will make you feel better.”

Chimchar looked at Chloe with concern.

“But, what about you?”

“Chimchar, you took a hard Brick Break right in the head! You need this more than I do.” pressured Chloe jabbing the berry into her friend's chest.

“OK,OK, you win,” laughed Chimchar accepting the Oran berry and taking a bite.

Chloe picked up the Clear Gummi and gave it back to Delibird, who had been watching the entire scene.

“Here you go,” She smiled.

Delibird happily accepted it.

“Thank you”

- - -

Later, after taking the Nidoking to Magnezone, Chloe and Chimchar started heading back to Sharpedo Bluff for a well earned rest.

Chloe stretched her arms in the air.

“Man what a day.”

Chimchar nodded.

“Tell me about it, at least now we can get home and relax a little.”

Chloe agreed.

“Yup, sounds like a plan.”

Chloe smiled, she felt really happy. Ever since he found her on the beach, Chimchar was someone Chloe felt the most comfortable with. Everybody else was a good friend to her of course, like: Wigglytuff, Chatot, Bidoof, Sunflora and everyone else in the guild and around Treasure Town. But Chimchar was different, he was always there to cheer her up, his enthusiasm always motivated her. Chloe and Chimchar never seemed to be apart, some residents of Treasure Town even started calling them “The Dynamic Duo.”

Chimchar and Chloe reached Sharpedo Bluff, then they noticed a Pokemon was standing by the entrance. Chloe was slightly confused.

“Can we help you?” she asked politely. Then she noticed that Chimchar was as white as a Snover.


To be continued...

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