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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Madam Susan

Hiiro bends down and picks it up

Hiiro found 5 stars

As he picks up the stars he feels like he has caught a lucky break. The feeling doesnt last long as he hears a voice call to him.

"Young man, Young man.." The elderly woman makes her way over. "Bless your heart you found my missing stars."

A older woman has just approached and claimed the stars you found are hers..what do you do ?
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"Young man, Young man.." The elderly woman makes her way over. "Bless your heart you found my missing stars."

"Am I really that desperate for a few stars? I found 20 of them already, and I'm pretty sure we can find so much more later. It's not like I'm going anywhere in a hurry.." Hiiro thought to himself, as the old lady approached him.

"Guess I'll just to..."

Keep the Stars!

"Huh?!" Hiiro looked around.

A voice of a child appeared out of nowhere. Hiiro looked around again, puzzled, and wondering if there was anyone else besides him, and the old lady who stood there, much to his surprise, feeling nothing at all. Like she never heard that voice.

"Is it my imagination?" Hiiro turned to Zorua.

Zorua tilted its head a little, making no claims that anyone was near.

"Meh, Here ya go m'am. The routes can be a very dangerous place at times. Good thing we're not running into any Pokemon for now. If not we'd be in trouble much..." Hiiro said with a smile, as he reluctantly let go of the 5 stars he chipped off the ground earlier...

"Wait a minute..." Hiiro took a few steps back.

He took a few glances at the Old Lady, and there was something fishy about her.

"From that far off of a distance, how can you accurately tell I found your stars?" Hiiro clutched his palms.

"I mean if you had made claims about your stars being lost, or be like, have you seen any stars around here, it would have been way more natural." Hiiro smirked.

"Zorrrrr..." Zorua began to growl...


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