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Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Currently: Route 1
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

Route 1. Empty and free. Where are all the Pokemon? Could something be frightening them all away? Are they restrained by some other Pokemon? Or perhaps there are poachers around these parts as the rumors go? Then again, there's nothing of value of neither a Legendary Pokemon or anything that significant for poachers to lay their eyes on this starter route. Hiiro had to catch a Pokemon before Stacy does. He was pretty much determined.

It didn't take long before Hiiro noticed another shiny set on the ground.

"Eh, lady luck doesn't visit me that often. Zorua, come here!" Hiiro called out to Zorua.

The bushes nearby made some rustling noise, soon after, bursting out, came the trickster fox-like Pokemon. But wasn't Zorua lead by something in the first place?

"Looks like our plan is a notch, so far. But look, I don't believe that could strike luck twice in a row now. I need you to be beside me, in case, something funny should happen..." Hiiro replied, as the both crept towards the shiny set, to take a closer inspection, and at the same time, cautious...

Madam Susan

Hiiro bends down and picks it up

Hiiro found 5 stars

As he picks up the stars he feels like he has caught a lucky break. The feeling doesnt last long as he hears a voice call to him.

"Young man, Young man.." The elderly woman makes her way over. "Bless your heart you found my missing stars."

A older woman has just approached and claimed the stars you found are hers..what do you do ?

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