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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
B]Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

JC takes a breath of fresh air as they enter Route 5. This journey across the area had been uneventful. His peace fades away as the reality of the situation kicks in. How could he possibly fight that creature, his pokemon were no where near the level that was required..No only that he didnt know anything about his traveling partners. Emma sadly seemed more scared than anything. Luis seemed nice but his journey hadnt been going that long.
The appearance of the two guys brought an uneasy feeling to JC's guts. Ashley let out a low growl. The Monferno must have felt the fear rising in their traveling mate. With Emma moving behind them to hide. Luis stepped forward making a suggestion.

''Let's try walking past them.'' he whispered to both of us.
''But be ready in case something goes wrong.'' he warned.

Nothing against Luis but I wasn't sure just walking directly past them with Emma behind hind us was going to work. I smirked as I had remembered a movie from a couple of years ago.
"I looked at him. If you dont mind I have a plan..."

I tilt my head so Emma can hear me.
" We have one chance for this to work. When the Sandstorm starts follow Ashley into the woods." I then turned to Luis. "How about we try this." I winked at him only hopin that he would understand what I was doing.
I grab a pokeball calling out Tron who came out. When he came out I stopped and looked at him.
"This guy wants to battle TRON !!!!"I shouted. Tron stopped his feet kicking up dust into the air. I then shoved Luis who was not really expecting it.
"No one insults my pokemon." as the sand flew into the air I called to him. "I want you to hit me! " I smiled hoping this would work.
Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
*Im assuming I can post a reply for this, if Im wrong just tell me*

Party: Gyarados(Rick), Raticate(Cage), Meowth(Greed), Hoppip(Breeze), Nincada(Aril)
Currently: Putting JC plan in action

''If you dont mind I have a plan..." JC told me, not very sure about my plan. Now that I think of it, I kinda told the first thing that came to my mind. He winked at me and called out one of his Pokemon.

''Wait why ar-'' I stopped before finishing my sentence as I realized what he wanted to do.

"This guy wants to battle TRON !!!!" He then shoved me, making me lose my balance for a moment. "No one insults my pokemon." Haha, a distraction of course. I smiled back at him and decided to follow his lead.

''Hey Aril,'' the little Nincada incorporated, letting out a tiny yawn. ''go and teach these fools a lesson. They're probably so weak they won't even stand for 10 seconds.'' Aril jumped down to the ground and was ready to fight, altough she didn't knew this was just a staged fight. ''Hit him with your Leech Life Aril!''

The tiny bug launched towards the golem Pokemon, while I awaited for JC to continue on with his plan.


The two grunts stop as they catch sight of your clever diversion. One looks uncertain on how to approach, while the other looks rather annoyed. Both fail to notice the figures slipping away into the forest under the cover of the Sandstorm.

"Great," says the agitated one. "A road block... They had to pick this place to have a petty battle?"

"We should turn back," the other suggests, frowning at the cloud of dirt rising before them. "We're supposed to lay low..."

"Hah! Why should we turn tail like a bunch of scared Sentret? Come on--folks should come to fear and respect who we are. I'm tired of slinking around in the shadows..." With that, this guy kept moving forward--drawing a Poke Ball. His companion reluctantly followed doing the same.

"Hey!" the more aggressive man shouted at the Sandstorm cloud (apparently unable to see you through it). "Out of the way! Take your stupid battle elsewhere, and quit hogging the road!"

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