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The shady shelter of Eternity Forest slips away as you travel across Route 5. The bright spring sun shines down on you without restraint, lifting your spirits despite the urgency of your mission. To the south you see a mountainous ridge rising out of the edge of the forest--but your destination lies to the north, to a more wooded and cold region. JC has seen his share of this route--but Luis is taking in new sights. You wonder what kind of Pokemon can be found on this route...

The bright weather seems to put Emma more at ease, though the worry is still plain in her eyes. After some time, she softly utters, "... Guys? I really appreciate you coming... I'm just so... scared. I hope they aren't doing anything... well, you know..." She's growing more anxious.

Suddenly, she lets out a gasp and freezes in the middle of the route. Her eyes are locked on something ahead in the distance. The two of you follow her gaze just in time to see two people come around a bend in the path. They're dressed in black jackets, with sharp-pointed hoods pulled over their heads. A white circle is patterned on their dark undershirts. Their eyes are obscured by black glasses.


(^Temporary Sprites, lol^)

"She couldn't have gone this far, could she?" You overhear one of these folks grunting to the other. "Not without her own Pokemon...?"

"I wouldn't think so," the other replied. "But the boss says she's a slippery one. Just do your job and keep your eyes peeled."

Emma seems frightened by the appearance of these strangers. She immediately hides behind you.
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JC takes a breath of fresh air as they enter Route 5. This journey across the area had been uneventful. His peace fades away as the reality of the situation kicks in. How could he possibly fight that creature, his pokemon were no where near the level that was required..No only that he didnt know anything about his traveling partners. Emma sadly seemed more scared than anything. Luis seemed nice but his journey hadnt been going that long.
The appearance of the two guys brought an uneasy feeling to JC's guts. Ashley let out a low growl. The Monferno must have felt the fear rising in their traveling mate. With Emma moving behind them to hide. Luis stepped forward making a suggestion.

''Let's try walking past them.'' he whispered to both of us.
''But be ready in case something goes wrong.'' he warned.

Nothing against Luis but I wasn't sure just walking directly past them with Emma behind hind us was going to work. I smirked as I had remembered a movie from a couple of years ago.
"I looked at him. If you dont mind I have a plan..."

I tilt my head so Emma can hear me.
" We have one chance for this to work. When the Sandstorm starts follow Ashley into the woods." I then turned to Luis. "How about we try this." I winked at him only hopin that he would understand what I was doing.
I grab a pokeball calling out Tron who came out. When he came out I stopped and looked at him.
"This guy wants to battle TRON !!!!"I shouted. Tron stopped his feet kicking up dust into the air. I then shoved Luis who was not really expecting it.
"No one insults my pokemon." as the sand flew into the air I called to him. "I want you to hit me! " I smiled hoping this would work.

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